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A character from the game Sacred
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Your use of colours and lighting is just phenomenal! It's a beautifully done piece.

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OK. That's it. If one of you damn Yaio fan-girls write into one your porn stories. I am getting mid-evil on your ass.

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we are talking about fan art for a game character. What does it have to do with yaoi fans?

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Was on a thing thinking about it today and it was one of those things that came to mind for a comment type of story about the pic.

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I understand you. And as an author, I assure you, his appearance is nothing more than just the appearance of a heterosexual game character from a heterosexual author.

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I just been thinking about all the years going to cons since Gundum Wing first come out and all the bloody fan girls in person and with fanfics wanting to make the boys gay,

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He is so handsome! This is such a nice work, love how youve made the face features and the light on his face!

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Thank you very much!

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omg so cool!:clap:

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