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Here is a list of all the tutorials that i used to learn from. As many of you already know, i am a self taught artist. But the name "self-taught" is a little misleading, since i wasn't quite alone, i referenced and learned from many tutorials. So i am a tutorial-taught artist :)
Though some are from other sources, most of them come from artists on deviantart. Some aren't even tutorials but images that by looking at them, i get a better understanding of something.
They have shaped who i am as an artist. You can probably see their influence on my art to this day.

So without further ado, here they are.

One of the first tutorials on colors i looked at, and one of the best 
has some very good tutorials on colors as well…
some examples:    

This is not a tutorial but whenever i look at it i feel like i know how to draw clouds just a little better 

This blood in the snow looks so good! 
makes me wanna draw a murder in the snow just to practice this. Jon Snow.....?

This eye! 
This process 

These textures! 

These are one of the best fur tutorials     

Looking at this step by step just makes me feel richer :) 
How to make a starry sky :D 
more starry sky 
Sky during the day 
more cloud tutorials  (it comes wit a really cool brush set)
Thunder, snow, fire  really useful!

The human ear, the mystery of how to draw it finally elucidated! 
eye tutorial 
Male anatomy 
My obsession, water  
Just looking at this is just mind blowing 
same with this one  
water brushes 
more water 

How to make your profile super pretty! 
Shiny gems 
Brilliant tutorial on folds and cloth 
Awesome lighting 
This video is how to use brushes   

People ask me how i got to draw good hands. And the truth is i tried following many tutorials but nothing stuck. I just couldn't comprehend hands. So what i did was keep drawings hands after photos and that worked, i eventually got better.
This is a website you can use. It has many many hand references, in great poses
It also has feet, animals and figure drawing as well. 
If you're the type that understands anatomy from tutorials good for you. I found it doesn't work for me. Not as good as i hoped, or as good as the other tutorials helped me comprehend folds for example. But combining tutorials with practicing from photos worked. :D

There are more tutorials but many artists have archived them so they're no longer available for view. 
I actually saved many tutorials on my computer and have this huge library of them for easy access. I am an art hoarder ouo

So, a question for you.
What tutorial influenced you as an artist? Links please!

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Love the water one! /saved XD
thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing this, it really helps. :)
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Hi, I reread this journal and I felt rather bad just leaving again without sharing the many tutorials that helped me.

I don't exactly have each specific tutorial that i can give, there are just way to many but I found this blog on tumblr that has many varied art tutorials that might help! Here is the link

I hope this helps someone!
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wow, that's such a great site, thanks for sharing :D:D I will bookmark it and use it XD
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Thanks for sharing ! They're so useful. Hug 
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Thanks for this! :3
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tutorials are one of my favorite things ever, thank you so much for sharing all of these! I have more to add to my collection now : D
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Thank you, this is extremely helpful!
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Thank you so much for putting this together, it really helps a lot! ; 7 ;
Color, shadows and fluidity are really hard for me in my art and this list had a lot of wonderful tutorials on those
thank you very much for helping me draw!
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Thanks for sharing. ;u;
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thank you so much for sharing those links I found some I never seen yet :D
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wow thank you so much bby! This is super helpful~:iconslashshine:
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I'm glad you find them useful dear :D:D :la:
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That tutorial on fold and cloth, so helpful! :D
Thank you:)
(Speaking of which, I'm up to 600 sketches now:P)
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600, wow! So many people advancing so fast, good for you! :la:
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