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Thorin Oakenshield

Drawing from my sketchbook. I hope you enjoy my version of Thorin. Damn, those movies just came and went didn't they? It's no more Tolkien movies from now on :(

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thank you <3
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Very nice drawing!

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Who knows ? There's still The Silmarillion left...
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I adore it, but do you know what I love the most about it? That it's 100% Thorin, yet for the very first time I can actually see a likeness to Fíli in him. Richard and Dean do have the same nose in real life and could easily be family, but in the movies they removed that by giving them both so many prosthetics. It's a shame, because I do love that his dark hair resembles Kíli's, yet it's hard to see Fíli in Thorin. But you did something here that is magical and perfect and beautiful. Thank you!

Also, I recently finally watch BotFA the Extended Edition (I kept putting it off because I knew I would cry), but when the movie was truly over and it sunk in that that was the last bit of Middle Earth we'd ever see? I just bawled. I did the same at the premiere of BotFA at the cinema, but this was worse: no more behind the scenes stuff, no more details of filming, nothing. So yeah, that hurt.

LOL, I'm rambling! Anyway, this is a wonderful piece of art that's made by a true artist. Thanks!
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Oh so wonderful :la:
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Absolutely gorgeous. c: I adore Thorin and you've captured him so well. <3
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Fantastic work :)

That being said - and I mean this in the nicest way possible way - please no reminders of no more Tolkien Movies Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon
Nothing will fill the void. Pikachu Crying Plz 
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He has a fantastic profile!
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no more Tolkien movies :(
he should've been writing more books :(

I believe Smaug and Sauron could've been GREAT villains in more books :D
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Nice sketch. Looks really good.
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Stunning work on my favorite hobbitses! <3 
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So darn noble. 
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Rize Shy Icon You captured his dreaminess wonderfully!! ClapClapClapSpectacular job!! 
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Aw, I love this sooooooooo much...well done! :clap:
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Wow, this is beautiful
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