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I do simple WATERCOLOR commission. Unlimited slot. :heart:

Bullet; Red You should check my gallery to see what I can draw
_I do: your OCs, fanart, shounen ai/shoujo ai, lovely things...
_ I don't do: r18 stuff, mecha, animal, realistic style,muscle ...

Bullet; RedHalf body+additional background
Commision for Vaniraa by yuuta-apple
$8/Character [+ $6 additional character ]

Bullet; RedFullbody+additional background
     Commission for Minsuil by yuuta-apple
$14/Character [+ $8 additional character ]

Star!More detail work (with background)

   Commision for Vaniraa by yuuta-apple  Commision for Vaniraa by yuuta-apple
$26/Character [+ $18 additional character ]  

Bullet; RedNote
_ I accept Paypal only (I really appreciate if you pay the Paypal fee)
_ Note me to commish. Just comment here to inform that you sent note to me.
_You can use my commission work for your personal purposes or upload it on your gallery except using it for commercial purposes.
_Please be patient.
_After finishing your commission, I'll send it to your DA account by note. If you want me to send to your email, please write in your note.
_You should check my gallery before commishing me to see what I can/cannot draw. Because if your request is too hard for me, I have no choice but refuse, my deepest apology

Bullet; RedCommission form 
_Email (just in case you want me to send your commission to email)
_Paypal email ( I can know which your pay is )
_About character (give me name + profile (if you want) + some refs of the character you want)

I'll send you my paypal after you note me.

Thanks for your reading Heart

Commission list

1.:iconvaniraa: (done)
2. :iconakiawalker: (done)
3. :iconmelonkitten: (done)
4. :iconnacrym(done)
5. :iconpastel-cloud: (done)
6. :iconminsuil: (done)
7. :iconjessabel: (done)
8. :iconieafy: (done)
9. :iconmasolulu: (done)
10. :icondizzodin: (done)
11. :iconsukibelle: (done)
12. :iconsparxpunx: (done)
13. :icondriftwoodwolf: (done)
14. :iconkarabera: (done)
15. :icontajii-chan: (done)

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Wow, I'm interested! Before I decide on a type of commission, how much would it cost to send the original painting to the US? (: