DrDPnIhUcAASPWH by yuumeiI haven't done the dishes in a week and when I finally picked up the kitchen sponge I noticed that life... uh... finds a way...
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By yuumei   |   Watch
Published: November 3, 2018
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NorvadierHobbyist Digital Artist
You are nature's chosen one xD 

To me seeing that little sprout in your sponge is like a little gift from nature because they're so grateful to you for your intentions :heart: 
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DeeDrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
well now you certainly can't do the dishes, we have to see where this goes!
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SuccesfullyFailedHobbyist Digital Artist
Is that sponge cactus shaped? If so, that's a plant growing on a plant
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LeafybellaHobbyist Digital Artist
that's so cute idk why. i guess 'cause it's just so little adhsggd. cx
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TheWarOfTheRingStudent Writer
For some kind of mould, it's unexpectedly beautiful 
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it's definitely not mold, i assume the roots grew through the sink or a seed got carried inside
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roboticforestHobbyist Digital Artist
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And, to protect the little plant, you put down the sponge, and walked away from the dishes...
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GoldenEmotionsProfessional Digital Artist
Not so long ago I noticed a few small plants growing underwater in my cat's waterbowl. xD
Despite changing the water they survived for quite a while. But eventually the bowl needed a propeer cleaning and... Life came to an end. -plays some dramatic music-
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HaganeSoraHobbyist Writer
I agree. I'd plant it somewhere. little plant emoji 
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runewuffHobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL replant?? Since it had to come from food, it's probably something edible from a fruit or veggie! and that's my advice.wink grin 
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snowcloud8Professional Traditional Artist
omg wow nature is amazing
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LusciousLavender Traditional Artist
X3 That's strangely adorable?
Like others said, it makes me think of WallE! ^^
"wallllllll - eeeeeeee???" *picks up plant*
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Phoenix-of-PyrrhiaHobbyist General Artist
LOL love the reference
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Enki-duHobbyist Traditional Artist
:0 Cactus sponge!
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ForsakenStrangeStudent Traditional Artist
ironically the sponge is shaped like a cactus
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BlueYoukaiHobbyist General Artist
Plant it! 8D
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luciol-sunakiHobbyist Artist
It makes me think about Wall-E
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Cloudy-dragonsStudent General Artist
Thats what I thought, too!
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sketchartist6Hobbyist General Artist
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Dancing-KittenStudent Filmographer
before seeing the picture, i DEFFO expected mold, so that's nice twist!
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