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For those who missed the announcement, my first ever art book is out on Kickstarter!

It will feature over 120 pages art, grouped by themes such as my love for the night sky and more!

Thank you all who already supported the campaign. It's honestly unbelievable how amazing it has been. You're all my stars in the sky <3

I'm so excited to send out all the stretch goal bookmarks, stickers, and postcards to everyone! I can't believe we already surpassed all the stretch goals. I'll be adding new dust jacket and extra book pages as the next stretch goals! :)

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I know I'm late, but I would like to check it out too!

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I can't believe I missed it! I would have loved to have it! TT____TT

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So sad I missed out on this!

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Wow, Yuumei that's awesome!

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gratz to the big response!

Hello Yuumei, I just learned about the Kickstarter. Have you considered selling any of your prints on Displate?

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Congrats on the art book!!!!

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What a pity, I have no creditcard, here in germany you usally dont need one or even use it. And you dont use a paypal pay option... I would love to buy this artbook from you :(

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My husband and I have been fans for years and we knew it was an instabuy!! So excited!

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I put in for my copy last week - I can't wait for it to come out! I absolutely love your art, and being able to have your first artbook is just amazing!!!

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Just pledged for my copy! I can't wait to hold this artbook in my hands!


Congrats on surpassing all the goals! I'm so happy your book is going to happen!

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This is SO exciting and I was speaking with my Husband this morning about hoping to support you. We are unfortunately not well off financially and so we just want ask about Shipping costs to Australia, please, as we might need to wait until we can order three books to be shipped together rather than just one book at a time if the Shipping costs are too much, sorry.

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If you click on the reward you want it'll open up and ask for shipping destination by "select a country', which in brackets next to the country you chose tells you the additional shipping fees.

Australia is +$20 (I believe USD, but if you follow the instructions above you can check for yourself.)

Also, regarding shipping multiple books together on the Kickstarter page, under updates number 6 they addressed this.

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I've ordered my copy!! Animated Pixel Heart

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