Knite books at SacAnime!

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The full shipment of Knite books finally arrived! All first 500 pre-orders will be signed and shipped within the next few days :D You can still order them at

The books and other posters will also be for sale at SacAnime this August 30th to Steptember 1st in the Artist Alley at table IND7! :) See you there!

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AsmodeusXander's avatar
I want it, but, I just can't buy it _ _ I'm in D.F, Mexico, and I can't use dolars ;-; asdbhjvbedhf... My dreams are broken~
AUHNEK's avatar
I ordered one at like the very beginning, but I haven't gotten mine yet...Did my order not go through? ><;
ChristianKlement's avatar
Hmm, did you check your mails? I got a shipment confirmation 4 days ago. Mine hasn't arrived yet as well, but I think you should have gotten the shipment mail by now(?).

AUHNEK's avatar
haha I literally got an email confirmation after i read your reply xD
Just waiting now!
AUHNEK's avatar
Finally got mines xD! (Actually I got it for my sister's birthday present in a few weeks! but still YAY!)
Marshmellow-Power's avatar
I got it in the mail to day!!!

HimawariNoKo's avatar
I find myself stalking the mailbox of my parents home now xD I just moved out of their house so its going to be shipped to them XD I visot often though lol
xxxyaarxxx's avatar
I'm expecting them this week ^^ (ordered 1000 words too) and I've got a signed one ^^
xxxyaarxxx's avatar
boo :( I read the email wrong which I got last week, today's mail: your order has been shipped, now I have to wait 2 to 4 weeks -.-'
Will you be there for Sacanime winter 2014?  :)
Are they going to be shipped to the house if you can't pick them up?
holonium's avatar
Just ordered this lovely book, and I really hope to be within the first 500 ^^ hehe I love your works!
iwanturunicorn's avatar
I was looking to buy one as a gift; but as I'm living in another country, the shipping cost more than the book itself. -Cries- Everything good seems to be shipping in the US these days xD

TheFluffyArmour's avatar
Gaaraxkun's avatar
OMG I WANT!! But I'm broke at such a wrong time T_T

I really hope I'll still be one of the first 500 by the time I get my salary. 
Skylithe's avatar
Have you shipped the pre-ordered books yet?
Reixma's avatar
Are they the full story books or individuals that make up a series? Just curious. I would love to buy one, but it does depend on finances.
ChristianKlement's avatar
The story is not finished yet and this book "volume 1" does not contain the whole story.
Reixma's avatar
I see. In that case, I shall wait until more have been released. Thanks for that! ^_^
mla197's avatar
The thing I'd like to know is that, do your hands get sore from signing? @_@?
ShanbyRow's avatar
Well, I commented on that already, but from what I could conclude is that due to the little amount of these books, they don't actually ship anywhere besides US? I am not too sure, but if that's the case, it'd be highly unfortunate.
xYorutenshi's avatar
YEEES ordered one :iconotakuingplz:
cddmanful's avatar
Very tempting~~I shall have to save up a bit, as I have extra expenses, just now....
crystal-wolf01's avatar
I picked one up at Sac anime. :) I love it!
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