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When I first uploaded Knite, I said anyone can translate it if they want, but I will not be making the translated pages into a flash comic because it takes too much to time... Well, I just found out a way to replace the pages in the flash file with translated pages with just one click ^^; I wish I knew it sooner... XD

There are 3 requirements for this to work:

1. The translated pages must be the same size 750x600 pixel (so you can't use the larger 900x720 blank pages that I've been posting on dA)

2. The pages must have the same file name.

3. The pages must also be in the same jpeg format.

Here's the download links to all the smaller blank pages and the character fonts (the fonts only work for Roman letters; feel free to use your fonts of choice for languages that don't use Roman Letters. :D )


I will upload the Omake later and Ch 2 and Ch3, but :iconblomsterhumlan: has made a script for the omake; it needs editing on the pages… If anyone wants to do that, go for it :D

As long as you save the translated pages in jpeg format with the same name as each blank pages, I can instantly replace all the English pages with the translated ones. When you have translated all the pages, just send it to me (preferably through a zip file on Mediafire). After I've put the translations into Flash, I will send you a download link of the Flash file so you can post it on your own dA or wherever you want :D

I will also be posting all the translated flash files on a dA account made just for Knite :iconknites: 's gallery folders

Last but not least, please NOTE me (don't just comment, I might miss it) if you are interested in translating it into a specific language so I can make a public list of who's doing what. I didn't think of it before so 2 people started the French translations already ^^; I'm so sorry!

BTW I will not be translating this into Chinese. I know Chinese, but I've been away from China for too long (10 years) to translate the story eloquently. I don't know the latest slangs that teenagers use in China these days. So if anyone wants to translate it into Chinese, go for it :D

Thank you all! :D

Current Translators for Ch1

(The ones with stars have already been translated. If there is more than one translator per language, feel free to contact each other and team up or work something out. Thank you all for helping! :hug: )

:star: Arabic - :iconjen-xoxo: :iconblocnotes: :iconwaad11:

:star: Chinese (simplified) - :icondriving-me-insane: :iconstrcts2:

:star: Chinese (traditional) - :icondriving-me-insane: :iconnovember-branches:

:star: Czech - :iconnalleann: :iconpudingi:

:star: Bulgarian - :iconhikari-chyan: :icondeni-8: :iconmidnight-wolfgirl:

:star: Danish - :iconrekalarain:

:star: Dutch - :iconiiyume:

Dutch (Belgium,Flanders region) - :iconliezebiezze:

:star: Filipino - :iconinoue23: :iconyutsuru: :iconanimelovermitsuki101: :iconclaudiakimi: :iconshootingstar03:

:star: Finnish - :iconshirianekiz:

:star: French - :iconclaushiru: :iconkrixos: :iconaheartofice: :iconpandora14: :iconheaven-area:

French (Canadian) - :iconziotsky: :iconjaneruchan: :iconlunakid:

:star: German - :iconsevotharte87: :iconeva02asuka: :iconsahira-maundrell: :iconm-i-s-a-k-i: (backup)

German (Schwäbisch) - :iconmusicbaam: :iconscilens:

German (Austrian) - :iconyukinounmei:

:star: Hebrew - :iconsilvershag13:

Hungarian - :iconAmaruchan : :iconhannah-tuatha: :iconharunoelana: :iconmyrtlestar:

:star: Indonesian - :iconakitabrilia: :iconalivegurl: :iconmsrieke: :iconkuronoguro:

:star: Italian - :iconaikodestiny:

:star: Japanese - :iconmusicalxpassi0n:

:star: Korean - :iconmiyun-annie: :iconjackiedanielstark: :icondlghwns:

Latin - :iconflitterpaw: :iconmusicbaam:

:star: Latvian - :iconshaniawolf:

:star: Lithuanian - :iconmirootia: :iconsetulge:

:star: Macedonian - :icongokiru: :iconakirasotori:

Malaysian - :iconaoisynchro:

Norwegian - :iconbed-oo-head:  :iconmanganime93:

:star: Polish - :iconvolfnesswhiter: :iconsimapesjel:

Portuguese - :iconmidreky: :iconcrisraquel:

:star: Portuguese (Brazilian) - :iconsamio-ana: :iconscarletsteak:

:star: Romanian - :iconyume-akai:

:star: Russian - :iconyuushika: :iconworldresearcher:

:star: Slovenian  - :iconnumbuh00: :iconakirasotori:

Slovak - :icondragon-screamer:

:star: Spanish (Spain) - :iconwind-hime-kaze: :icondiao-chan94:

:star: Spanish (Mexican) - :iconknozos: :iconserenity12778:  :iconknite-mexico:

:star: Spanish (I'm not sure which kind of Spanish these people are translating) - :iconkoyukikuroya: :iconm-s-o-s-b: (made a script…) :iconaixkiraixjisatsu: :icon4nto:

Swedish - :iconzerosameri:

Thai - :iconwhitty-boo:

Turkish - :iconblackdidthis: :icongildareon: :iconangie-mia:

Vietnamese - :iconchocolatewolf2000: :iconbunnyluv-from-rmd: :iconkj-n-thuytien:

This lovely person :iconsouthern00belle: made me a fanclub :iconyuumei-fanclub: :D I feel so flattered, Thank you!!! :heart:

There's a group now! :D :iconyuumei-fan-base: made by :icondeathmonkeys: Thank you so much!

:iconlilla-chan: made a club just for Knite! :heart: :iconknite-fliers: Thank you!!! :love:

And I just found out there's a facebook group too ^^; Hahaha :heart:… and one for Knite as well… made by :iconsilent-code: :hug:

You guys flatter me too much XD
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