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:star: What does "yuumei" mean?

Yuumei (幽冥 or 幽明) means light and darkness, strange and deep, hades, and semidarkness. Not to be confused with yuumei (有名) which means famous... (In my defense, I picked this name when I was 12 and didn't realize it also meant famous...)

:star: What projects are you working on right now?

A complete list of all past, present, and future projects can be found here yuumei.deviantart.com/journal/…

:star: Why didn't you reply to my comment/note?

I'm terribly sorry but due to the enormous amount of notes and comments I receive, it's simply impossible to read and reply to most of them. I tried to reply to all the notes but it eventually just got to be too much and took time away from drawing. If you have very important news to tell me (such as reports of art theft, requests to help none-profit organization, or business offers, etc) please e-mail me at yuumei.yan@gmail.com

For all questions regarding shipping details about the 1000 Words book and Knite poster orders, please e-mail sales@4DE.com They are the publisher that handles tracking orders.

:star: Where did you learn to draw?

I grew up in China where parents compete and show off their child like some sort of hobby, so drawing class was one of the many things I had to learn. I really loved it so I took more classes but not too much. All my Chinese art classes focused on realism and drawing from life. That gave me the foundations to draw everything else but drawing is not a magical process where you take a class, and BAM! you're an artist, it's all about hard work and practice (like everything else in life). So if you want to draw, sign up for a drawing class. It's really boring drawing basket of fruits at first, but it will teach you the fundamentals of shape, lighting, shading, etc. The rest you'll learn on your own as you practice and be inspired by other artists. :)

:star: What materials do you use?

I use mostly digital mediums but I use traditional materials sometimes. I have a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet that I bought for around $400. I use it with Photoshop and Paint tool SAI. I draw most of my things in SAI and touch up on the colors and add texture in Photoshop but I drew everything in Photoshop before I discovered SAI so don't worry if you don't have that program. I do recommend SAI because the line art is crisper and the colors blend easily but each program has it's own advantages. Don't have SAI? Have a 31 day free trial! :D sai.detstwo.com/sai/

As for the Flash comics like Knite and 1000 Words, I used Macromedia Flash to put all the pages together. I'm no expert but here's a tutorial on how I make comics in Flash Flash Comic Tutorial by yuumei

The traditional mediums I use most frequently are pencils and ball point pen. They are great for shading and line work that has a unique texture not found in digital mediums, for example yuumei.deviantart.com/art/Autu… or yuumei.deviantart.com/art/Melt…. On rare occasions I use watercolors like this yuumei.deviantart.com/art/Gift… and even rarer occasions I use acrylic paint but I'm a messy person so if I paint, all my clothes go to hell. I don't use Copic markers because I lack $$ ;_;

Sometime I make ceramic sculptures out of porcelain or B-mix. I'm experimenting with polymer clay but don't have much to show yet :p

:star: How long does it take you to finish a drawing?

That's really hard to answer because there are so many variables. It depends on the complexity, medium, how inspired I am, and how busy I am with school but the actual time I spend on a drawing isn't too long. I'm usually pretty fast if I don't have other things holding me back.

:star: When will you post the next chapter of Knite?

I really don't know. Each chapter is pretty long, so it will take a while to complete the whole thing. However, if you don't mind reading each page as they come out, I am posting all the latest pages at yuumei.deviantart.com/gallery/…

:star: Can I draw fanart/fanfiction/cosplay you stories?

Of course! I would love to see them! :D

:star: Your style keeps changing, why?

I like to go back and forth between different styles. I focused more on big eyed anime style when I was younger, now I prefer a more realistic style but it's still considered anime. Every once in a while I feel like drawing in my old anime style, especially for those child like moments of wonder :D

Also, artists' style will change through out life as we experiment with new techniques and improve or skills. It's impossible to stay with a static style forever. The change may be small, but it will be there.  

:star: What inspires you?

Lots of random things XD Sometimes I draw out of boredom. I could be mindlessly doodling and something nice will come out. Some of the darker and more emotional art are usually inspired by life experiences. Browsing through dA is also a great way to get inspired, just looking at art makes me want to create art :D Oh, and this is a weird one but random fictional stories run through my head while I read textbooks for college and that makes me want to draw out the characters XD  

:star: What art college did you go to?

Er, I actually didn't go to an art college. I've thought about it but I wanted to learn more about science and various other materials above the high school level so I applied to a liberal arts college. I went to University of California Berkeley or UCB for short, come visit if you live nearby! :D

For question about what UCB is like, please read my other journal entry here yuumei.deviantart.com/journal/…

:star: Request?

No, and I find it offensive that anyone thinks all the time and energy I put into my work is worth nothing so that any random person on the internet deserves a free one. If you expect to be paid for your time and energy at work, so do I. After all, I'm just human and I need money to pay for rent and food.

:star: Art Trade?

Not anymore. I like the idea of art trade but I'm busy with work and don't have the time to do art trades like in my younger years. I need all the time to work on my own projects and commissions to help pay the monthly bills.

:star: Can I use your _________ image for ___________ on ___________?

Yes, as long as you credit and link back. HOWEVER, you can NOT sell or use my drawings to make money in any way at all. You can use my drawing on as your icon, on your blog, educational purposes, etc but you can not sell it as stickers, posters, part of a book, etc. Also, anything found in the Commissions folder is completely off limits regardless of credits. The commissioners paid to have a personalized drawing/tattoo, it's very disrespectful to use it as your own.

:star: Commissions?

Whenever I'm open. If your interested, please check this journal for details and status yuumei.deviantart.com/journal/…

:star: Tutorials?

Yes, I've made only few tutorials so far but I do plan to make more. Like I've said, I don't have a lot of free time after commissions and personal projects so I can't make tutorials as often as I would like, but I will make more so please be patient.

:star: Can you help me design/draw/redraw/color/fix this part of a drawing for me so I can see how it's done?

Sorry, but I simply don't have time for that. Your work might only take a few minutes to help but I get asked quite often and some people want an entire drawing fixed which can take hours. If I say no to one person, I must be fair and say no to everyone.

:star: Are you still selling the Augen Auf playing cards? yuumei.deviantart.com/art/Auge…

Whether the cards are for sale or not will be stated in the artist's comment of the Augen Auf ad. Please read carefully before ordering. I closed sales for a few moths and people still sent in money which I didn't know about until months later ^^;

:star: Where did you get your cards printed and for how much?

I don't know the name of the company because it's in Chinese, sorry. My father took care of getting the cards printed for me because he lives in China. It cost us around $4,500+ to print and ship them here so it was a big decision to make. (I think I might have accidentally said $2000 to someone else who asked, sorry for my mistake!)

© 2009 - 2021 yuumei
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Just had my written Japanese exam today, and I just felt the need to thank you for your name cx I remembered reading something where you explained your name and that it could also mean a famous person or something along those lines- and it really saved me on one task^^ Couldn't for the life of me remember it before suddenly this FAQ appeared in my head, and it clicked- so thank you! I really love your art too, btw;D
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Do you sell your originals and if so do you have an online site?  I read thru the faqs and either I missing it or the info is not available.  :D
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I tried installing the painting program she does, next day i got virus in my computer...
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you most likely used an unreliable source for the download. Also SAI isn't a free program, so dont bother searching for a 'free' version on the net because it will probably be a virus.
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I use to download one with my old computer, it was free... O3O(\~
then I bought another computer, 
which is the one I'm using right now
and yeah virus stuff... gladly someone from my relative got to fix it.
Futaba Embarrassed Icon Futaba Embarrassed Icon Futaba Embarrassed Icon 
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I am very sorry for bothering you.  

Though you probably won't read this, amidst all of your frenzy of notes and comments; I just came to say that your art has inspired me in so many ways. The concept of your stories are amazing and they have opened my eyes, making me notice things I had brushed off before. Your art makes me want to try harder, to become a better artist myself and a better human being. Thank you, for your art, your stories and your wonders.  
A while back, I made a fanart drawing for you; alas, I know you might never see it. However, if you do happen to come across this weary comment, here is the link:juki-97.deviantart.com/art/Set…

Again, thank you fo everything :)
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Hey yuumei! Quick question I didn't find answered here. Are you also on pixiv? I didn't realize you posted in places other than DA
iSnowFairy's avatar
Ah, I actually found her on Pixiv a few weeks ago 'v'
She doesn't seem to be very active on it though o3o
kidokaproject's avatar
Yea, I've seen that... which is why I'm wondering if that was actually her haha
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"I grew up in China where parents compete and show off their child like some sort of hobby"

... this makes you sound like a POKEMON ;____;

(But I get what you're saying. I grew up with Asian parents who did that, too.)
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Ah hello Yuumei, I just wondered if you would have time to show us the settings of your SAI brushes, if would be ok??  :3
Caecin's avatar
I would love to see them too! c:
joker-rin's avatar
Hi Yuumei! I was wondering how you achieve the painted look when you color hair? Do you use a particular brush for it, or a setting? Anyway, I understand you're busy, so I apologize if I'm wasting your time with a question that's probably often repeated. (Don't stress yourself out too hard!) Hope you have a great day!
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Hi Yuumei, I just started reading Fisheye Placebo and I am blown away!! 
You've probably get this a gazillion times but...how and what do you use to draw such breathtaking landscapes and environments? 
Do you use any perspective drawing software to model an environment first and then draw/paint on it? 
yuumei's avatar
I used SketchUp as seen in this tutorial yuumei.deviantart.com/art/3D-b… :)
AkaneAkaee's avatar
holy, UCB!?
*heart break.
u live so close ; o ;
*not a stalker
DKCarp's avatar
AH Can I ask?owo 
Have you got YT channel?(:
wazupkk's avatar
yuumei, im writing an english ap paper and since they let us choose a free topic, can you answer some questions that i sent to your email?
im very sorry if you are busy. its just that i need a credible source, and answers straight from you are the best 
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Excuse me, I want to ask you,
Is it necessary to be able to draw digitally???
Since I have been suffering from myopia
So, i hate to hurt my eyes... AGAIN.


for answering my question

I'm sorry, for my bad English TnT
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I think a lot of employers kind of expect artists to be able to draw digitally, but don't hurt your eyes! If traditional art is what you love, do it!
CamelliaCorn's avatar
true story indeed
even though i'm still a beginner and worst at both :|
TheLearningArtist's avatar
oh i suck so hard at digital still
CamelliaCorn's avatar
i think you're good (after stalking your gallery XD )
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