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 :star: What does "yuumei" mean? Yuumei (幽冥 or 幽明) means light and darkness, strange and deep, hades, and semidarkness. Not to be confused with yuumei (有名) which means famous... (In my defense, I picked this name when I was 12 and didn't realize it also meant famous...) :star: What projects are you working on right now? A complete list of all past, present, and future projects can be found here http://yuumei.deviantart.com/journal/Current-and-Future-Projects-286619795 :star: Why didn't you reply to my comment/note? I'm terribly sorry but due to the enormous amount of notes and comments I receiv

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.:g a i a:. at this very moment trees are burning animals are dying temperatures are rising glaciers are melting seas are rising the earth is being poisoned slowly by us and we don't care we go on with our daily lives and pretend that it's all just a fairytale because we're not affected in any way but just imagine thirty years later when the mightiest glaciers have been melted and reduced to nothing more than little lumps of cold blue ice floating around in foreboding black waters when the levels of the seas begin to rise and cover the lands then people will scramble for higher land to escape the clutches of the icy s

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