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I don’t often talk about it, but Evangelion is one of my all time favorites and Rebuild 3.0 has left me with all these emotions that need an outlet.

Kaworu… Q_Q

In other news, I'll be selling this print and many others at Fanime. More info here!… :D

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Was this in the manga?!? I don't remember it! I read it so long ago!
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What anime is this!!! I actually found this online and I wanted it as an idea for a tattoo!!! Please tell me what anime/manga it is! I will read it with no breaks!! 😭😭😭 so beautiful!
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It's in the description: Evangelion. The character in the image is Kaworu. I'm guessing the gears are Yuumei's artistic choice, as I don't think such a construction exists in the anime or manga. I read and watched both, but not the Rebuilds yet; I'm waiting for the last movie to be released so I can avoid the cliffhanging.

If you somehow haven't gotten into Evangelion yet, I recommend it. I prefer the manga because the anime had funding problems near its end, so it took many liberties in artistic expression and a convoluted climax and ending. The End of Evangelion movie is a wacky and odd alternate ending; it's a postmodern brain destroyer, so be prepared to be confused in your attempts to interpret all its events and meanings! I call it a disasterpiece, but I haven't seen the movie for about a decade. Now that I'm older, wiser, and more intelligent, perhaps I should give it another chance.
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I found out that it was evangelion lol I definitely read the whole manga a while ago and it was so Damn confusing...... I'm currently watching the rebuilds and I'm about halfway through the 3rd movie. And im still very confused lol
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Is this an anime if so which one I wanna watch it now.....
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Have you found out which anime it is???
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i'm really happy you're an eva fan as well
also this is super pretty like whoa
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Your art means a lot to me, especially this one. This is the first art that I've seen of yours (I saw it on Pinterest)... and I've ignored who created it at first (biggest mistake), but after seeing your name several times whenever I search for art that makes me feel like I'm in another dimension or in a different time, I just had to find out who you are and I want to say thank you for making a lot of out of this world art! Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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absolutely amazing!!!
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Ahhh, such a dreamy fantasy piece! Such perspective and color! Clap 
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Stumbled upon this image because DA recommendations and whatnot.

Might as well ask, is the Rebuild finished?
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The colors are simply magical.
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omg;-; i know how you feel
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For some reason, when I look at this, I get a weird sense of nostalgia.
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O_______________O You.. it's YOU Yuumei!? You drew this?! I had this as my desktop background for couple months now, and every time I looked at it, it gave me a sense of hope and inspiration. Then, it drew me back to my piano. Thank you so much! Thanks for drawings this! *I'm in tears* :sad: 
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I think it left us all with emotions and questions in our heads... I must say I have high expectations of the fourth film. Again a very beautiful work of you!
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lovely work. and I do absolutely agree with your emotions.
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beautiful! just love the feels in this pic
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