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Worlds Within: Pill Bug Terrarium

By yuumei
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Bioluminescent mushrooms are just magical~ I hope to see these in real life one day :D In the meantime, I can dream and paint them instead.

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I hope this one will crawl into your shop as a print or wall scroll. I have a special fondness for isopods and this is just lovely.

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Looks like a metroid
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Reminds me about Nausicaa from the valley of the wind! ^^

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Fellowship of the Ring ❤️❤️❤️ . ❤️❤️❤️

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It looks awfully similar metroid
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similar to a* ,(sry)
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Really lovely :)

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Is anyone else getting Nausica vibes

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Finally someone recognizes these cute little creatures! It’s very well done and visually pleasing, great job!

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Good to see pillbugs getting some attention 😊

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Cool! Wow... just wow. It’s beautiful. Nice job! You really caught me eye here :O

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Ahhh omg these little guys are my favourite!
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my word!... this is stunning :)

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Very trippy, nice work!

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Such a cool concept! And I love how it came out! 👏
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Gorgeous, this reminds me of the Ohms in Nausicaa

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What a funny little crustacean.
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