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Worlds Within: Hermit Crab


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More from my glass animals series~ Funny story, when I was looking up references for hermit crabs, I saw some photos of man-made transparent shells for these lil guys. What a surreal world we live in :D Art imitates life imitates art imitates ad infinitum
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This piece is one of the major reasons im trying to get better at drawing.

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this is incredible!

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Just a fantastic piece of work!

Does anyone else see the bug near the very top of the shell?

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love your worlds within images. keep up the great work <3

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this is a really cool image!

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i am blown away this is amazing!

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This is brilliant. Can't believe I've only just come across your page. Look forward to seeing more of your work 😀

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An interesting idea and a beautiful drawing.

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Very cool, both artistically and in terms of the surreal-ness of this concept :)

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this is amazing! Super damn cool

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As an owner of pet hermit crabs, I love this <3
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Shading is on point!😍
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Whow its look so real.🥰

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This looks fantastic!

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Beautifully realised.

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A bit more to the left and he will unleash a tsunami
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shouldn't it's tail be visible in there?

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do you think you can draw an elven city next?

If you want some inspiration I would suggest you to search on elven cities from the first age of Lord of The Rings. Gondolin, Alqualonde, Nargothrond, Doriath, Tirion,...

Also the warcraft elven cities like Silvermoon, Suramar and Zin Azshari

or Lux Aurea from The Dragon Prince

and there is also this elven city atop a volcano

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That is super cool :la:

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A shell where definitely hear the ocean

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