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Happy Holidays everyone! :D

This is a very old idea that's been floating around in my head for about 6 years. It was originally a sculpture I made in high school but my baby brothers broke it before I could get any pictures...

Mother nature is always so full of wonder. From the most majestic creatures to the most whimsical ones, they're all so special in their own ways. It's so magical when two species interact so I imagined a forest spirit crossing path with a family of ducks, and both being fascinated by each other :) Everything is a source of wonder.

Drawn in Paint tool SAI, edited in Photoshop.
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Really amazing .Details are most impressive.

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So cute. I love the art style
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it seems like it'd be hard to move the head with the horns drapping down like that. But maaan the way it flows big and far back with many leaves! Plus it's white! It's just sooo pretty!! this would like, be my patronus! lol
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he looks like a rare animal...if only i could draw something like that.....
maybe out of clay... i know i'll sculpt something like that.....
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This is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
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Holy shit what the hell is going on in the comment section here 
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Not only here. These spam accounts have been going around since Oct 2016. I report as many as I can since new ones always pop up regardless.
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Rip man 

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i hate ur work my, but my bff motherfucking love you
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i motherfuckinh hate green xq
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holy cow, that's a lot of spam in the comments
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This isn't the only one with a sea of spam. All we can do is report them to get rid of them.
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<3 This could be in, the ancient magus and his bride <3
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It's wonderful Clap +fav 
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Hi there, not sure if you knew or not but someone went over your thing in their art.
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duckies from Lilo and Stitch!! <3 this is sooo pretty btw amazing job
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*Deep forest gasp*

"Hello small things! I am forest. What are you?"


"Quack is good name. Hello Quack :D"
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