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Wolves of Moon and Sun

Love wolves? Help stop senseless wolf slaughter at [link] or [link] It's easy and simple, just sign a petition or donate some money to save these beautiful creatures from death.

Many people have given me suggestions on other wolves like light, darkness, life, death, metal, etc but I can only draw 10 wolves total because it's part of a surprise that won't work otherwise. I hope you guys will understand, and yes, the surprise does mean there will be another wolf drawing, kind of...

The Chinese symbol at top right means Moon, and the bottom left means Sun. The three characters at the top left corner is my Chinese name which means colorful warm feeling XD so corny...

1. Wolf of Fire [link]
2. Wolf of Water [link]
3. Wolf of Lightning [link]
4. Wolf of Woods [link]
5. Wolf of Clouds [link]
6. Wolf of Ice [link]
7. Wolf of Time [link]
8. Wolf of Space [link]
Element Wolves combined [link]

Enjoy and please help out, don't just say "it's sad that wolves are dying" because it's the action that counts.
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the wolves of odin hati and skoll HAIL ODIN 
CuriousConArtist's avatar
Yes! Hail Odin, and Loki!
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eternally smelling each other's butts

im sorrySweats Sweats Sweats 
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this is just.....AWSOOME!!!!
christiebella's avatar
Very very very awesome and amazing.
angelalatine's avatar
Hi! can I use your Elemental wolves for my stories? I really love your illustrations. 
mysterie2001's avatar
nice work!! May I make a pixel version of this as a gift for you?
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hey cool it's like apollo and artemis
Apollo icon 1 Artemis La Emoticon 
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Wow. I absolutely love wolves and it hurts so much that they are being killed. I'm going to help them!I think I've fainted.  I like your picture. It makes me feel better.
mikalover139's avatar
Word. I'm not a big fan of hunting, but I like wolves. 😊
nykspree8's avatar
Beautiful.  I'm a Gemini, and have been looking for a Sun/Moon Tattoo idea, and i absolutely love Wolves, and i think this may be what i go with :)
Marblesky's avatar
Wolves are such majestic creatures, and you captured them flawlessly here. Amazing! :love: remake II 
veggie-chick221's avatar
This is beautiful, as are wolves. This one reminds me of Skoll and Hati, the wolves of Norse mythology who chase the Moon and Sun around the Earth for all eternity. Wonderful job.
weaselaferret's avatar
Could I maybe use this for my site? I will credit you.
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