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Wolf Anthro Barkeep Commission

By yuumei
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Commission for :iconvgmaster831: who wanted a sketch his wolf man, Barkeep, leaning on a bar.

If you're interested in commissioning me, click here [link]

Drawn on paper with pencil. Colors edited in Photoshop.

Also check out the Augen Auf cards! [link]
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Very nice piece. At first I thought the anthro was genderless. But I see now he's just a good looking male. Very well done. I'd love to see a more refined version. But if not I still like it good work.
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"Sit down for a bit, let tell you a story..." Very lovely. He shows a lot of attitude just from how you've drawn him here, I like it.
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Very nice picture! I think I'll use it for making my fursuit.
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That is beautiful! His fur looks so... real, so warm... almost inviting, you could say. I love how the nails are sharp, and slightly long... it shows that he's still an animal, like he still had claws. The best part has to be the face... it seems to look so smooth, so rounded... perfect... c:
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Ha. How odd. Im an Anthro/Furry bartender on Second Life XD
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Beautiful! Everything is so smooth yet crisp. The background is great, the burn rust color looks wonderful with the brown. All in all the eyes are what put power into this piece, the drink itself making things a bit more lax and setting a calm mood.

Very very well done.Bravo.
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I want I want! Beautiful picture!
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thats just too funny :winner:
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love the way he's standing.
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^^ awesome... looks like a chick though...
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hehe, cool barkeep!! I love the colors! They fit perfectly! =p
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oooh, now all that has to happen is for someone to draw Chef
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Interesting. This looks very nice :)
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Very beautiful!I admire the quality of this picture...I almost feel like ordering a drink from him!:D
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Ohh he's so nice! I love how you can make the snout look like a wolf. >.> I seem to have that problem from time to time.
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Heh. I'm not really much of a fan of anthro work, but this really blows me away. The humanity is strongly apparent, and I guess that's what sets it apart for me. A lot of anthro work looks staged, but this has a more realistic feel, like you literally just candidly drew this guy while he sipped a drink in a bar.

That's the whole idea though, isn't it? Imbuing animals with human characteristics, both physically and mentally? I don't know why so many people seem to skip the latter.

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