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With You

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Something I drew months ago before all the headphones stuff took away my free time. 

This was a gift for my SO, inspired by our trip to the Monterey Bar Aquarium. 

There are plenty of fish in the sea
But you’re the only one for me

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mamaafricanNew Deviant

Can you sell me this beat please

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Aux-RaineHobbyist General Artist

This is beautiful!

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you and me against all the odds <3

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"with you everthing is possible"

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mattjohn1992Hobbyist Artist
Great Work, Nice, Hi
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fataFivena General Artist
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Your fishes!!!!! 
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SekicionStudent Digital Artist
ooh Can i ask you wich size and wich kind of data you saved this art work. 
I´m not sure if you would look at my drawings but somehow they're all pretty blurry when you look at them. 
But its not possible as I´m drawing my art on photoshop and on my phone they're sharp but on deviantart itself they're blurry... can you help me? :(
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HOLY SHIT! This is absolutely beautiful. The imagery alone, makes this a work of art, but the details lighting and shading definitely help, to enhance everything.
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I love your perspectives. Gorgeous "wide-angle" frames that really draw the viewer in. Amazing work!
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I literally jaw-dropped on this '///A///'great job!!
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ThepenguinrapistHobbyist Writer
I've seen this as the background for one of my favorite songs on youtube. 
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really good
can i use this img?
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KornXcvibetaHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh love background //
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is there any possible way you could do a drawing of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter?
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gabcoe43Professional Traditional Artist
beautifuland powerful
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CaldoRosaHobbyist General Artist
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dinosaphira99Student Digital Artist
Heart wonderful Heart 
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AlexArcticArtsStudent Digital Artist
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Hi again :) also hoping to print this one out if it's okay with you, for hanging up in my house.  I can also purchase it if you do prints.  Thanks :)
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yumemiruartHobbyist General Artist
I really love your underwater pieces, this is my favourite of them! I really struggle to paint water, and you do it beautifully. The whole composition of this is just breath-taking
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NM-D4n3Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you don't mind ^_^

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RedHoodedRobinStudent General Artist
I love your drawings of nature, especially the ones ocean related *_* <3
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