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Under The Overpass


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Glistening street lights
Under the overpass
Alone to the world 
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Here's a video tutorial of how it's done :D

I did a paintover of a photo my bf and I took while traveling in Japan. Luckily, I actually remembered to record my work process this time so I'll be making a video tutorial soon of how I did this. Some of you have already seen the tutorials of 3D background paintover, this one is similar but working from a photo base instead of 3D model :)

Ever since I hurt my hand from drawing too much, I've been looking into new and innovative ways to express my art while conserving my hand use. Finding shortcuts has been a very fun challenge and I'm exited to share the results with everyone. I think it'll be a useful time saving technique regardless of hand pain or not :)

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No words, pic speaks by itself

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Love this one so much I made it the wallpaper on my PC. I have this irresistible urge to wander up the empty street to the right or under the viaduct simply to go exploring.

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this is such a neat image! love it

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Sounds like a really useful and intriguing techniqueto give a try some time.
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This looks amazing!
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you are a freacking artist ...
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Touka and Kaneki!! Absolutely love this art work like something made by someone who posseses a god hand.
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holy shit, im actually a little speechless 
B-G-C-Art's avatar

SUPERB WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are an amazing artist
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Kof '98 Japan stage
Riskiich's avatar
Interesting colors to enjoy
BLIX-KREEG's avatar
thank you so much for giving us this information. I love it when artist share they're techniques on how they make their artwork!
Thanks again!:)
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its realy cool tthere is a rainy  rusty feeling .. and i like the way the roads point to the two characters tho they look like friends not lovers
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Such a clever idea, that's amazing!! Well done, and I hope your hand gets better soon <3
Zireael07's avatar
The colors are awesome!
TheArcArtist's avatar
I swear, this looks like a scene from a Shinkai anime.  VERY nicely done!
CGUnicorn's avatar
The lighting and atmosphere is really great!
XerxesGWX's avatar
Very inspiring
VelvetPainOo's avatar are my absolute hero. you are the best ever! your imagery is so epic and i'm so in love with your way of coloration. so unbelieveable. your art always makes me breathless. thank you so much for sharing it with us. <3
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Absolutely fabulous,the rain effect really brings out the colors, keep it up!
Love this😍😍
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