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Two Halves of a Whole

By yuumei
A gift for :iconsouthern00belle: for helping me receive the entries for my Go Green contest. :hug: I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you so much! :D

She wanted the twins from her favorite game, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, drawn half and half :D Dahlia Hawthorne is on the left and Iris is on the right.

I've been so busy this past week (mid term season) that I didn't get to reply to any of the comments regarding Knite translations. I'm so sorry, translators! I'll reply to everyone as soon as possible!
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mikeewow23's avatar
Dahlia and Iris!
Ooh! Such an incredible artist drew a Phoenix Wright pic! ^^
BrightRedEyes's avatar
Woah amazing! I'm not the biggest fan of these two but this picture is beautiful! 
saphire644's avatar
How did you split it so cleanly?
Ask-TheAvatar's avatar
;~; I hated Datailla 
DoctorCatastrophe's avatar
I don't know what's prettier, the girls or the background.
leanzaofearth's avatar
OMG I LOVE Ace Attorney!
AcathieDion's avatar
CorprallFrond's avatar
When I saw this I automatically thought of Persephone. :D
Awoki's avatar
beautiful! I love that depicts the dark side in the character of these binoculars! It is very well done!
Baconosity's avatar
I wonder what that would look like if that was one person
KittenKagome's avatar
Beautiful. Talk about good half bad half.
DSteffi's avatar
Great perspective! I love the contrast and the light feeling this gives off. Beautiful art!
OnliaFaze's avatar
oh my gosh.... this is FREAKING AMAZING!
shockangel's avatar
can you draw pearl? AND GODOT?!?! They are my favorite! And Miles Edgeworth too! You know what ..... draw everybody!
PinkKitty134's avatar
This is pretty cool. :kitty:
wazupkk's avatar
Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten!!!!!
my fav game too
zanyliz's avatar
so beautiful! I love Iris, she's a great character but Dahlia kinda ruins her.
Sakudrew's avatar
AWESOME DRAWING :iconomgsocuteplz: !!!
Shizuka-Ayasato's avatar
Oh wow! This is my favourite game too! :la: This is beautiful!
Shigeako's avatar
great idea ^^
Emmysboots's avatar
I love this pic so much... ;w; though maybe Dahlia should've gotten an embittered face or however it's called but only my opinion^^
charcargo's avatar
! Oh my god, amazingness!
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