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Through the Distorted Lens


Robin from Fisheye Placebo looking melancholic in the city night. I wanted her eyes to resemble the fisheye lens of her camera. Many people think photography objectively captures reality, but that couldn't further from the truth. A photographer can only capture the reality he/she chooses to see through. The types of lenses used, what's included vs excluded in the photo, camera settings, and countless other things can alter the feeling a photo gives off, and thus reinterpreting the reality seen through the lens.

Feel and Conquer by yuumeiWhat It Takes To Fly by yuumeiRe-Imagine by yuumeiThe Sky Beneath My Feet by yuumeiDread by yuumei
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I love your lighting and these colors! They bring a great atmosphere to your images! Love 
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This is beautiful. great expression and use of colors. :)
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Love the colors and the hair.
It's all so well placed. 
Awesome art! :) (Smile) 
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The colors are amazing Meow :3 
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This is beautiful!!! :heart:
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She is secretly a camera!
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Gorgeous! And I completely agree with what you said in the description. I also think it applies to most forms of art. Artist draw, paint, write, and photograph what they see from their perspective and since no one actually has an impeccable perspective of everything, when you're looking at someone's art, you're seeing their own perspective and reality.
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absolutely stunning, the vibrancy and energy are amazing
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Colorful background and shading. 
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Nope, it looks like a blend from the Sony alpha 5000-6000 series :)
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Amazing masterpiece!
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Wow, that is amazing!!
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A magnificent masterpiece! Beautiful and astonishing! Bravo!Fav fella (Badge) Applaud fella (Reactions) Fella DeviantArt Flag Yes fella ( Message ) 
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the eyes *gapes
Beautifully executed!
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So amazing! the colors are so beautiful flashy <3
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I love the colors that you used here also I love photography so these are my favourite things and you you mixed together.... you are very talented .... I want watch more of you art!!Clap Clap 
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The colors are just so...perfect><!
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Oh WOW!! This is breathtaking beautiful! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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