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Through The Days

By yuumei
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Inspired by a hike I had with my SO. We started in the morning and hiked the entire day until the stars came out. It was magical seeing the blue sky turn to red, dotted with clouds of all shapes and colors, and finally the starry night with the faintest trace of the Milky Way. We live our stressful and hectic days, but it's calming to step back and remember no matter what's happening in our lives, the sun will rise and set, painting the skies in a menagerie of emotions. We all have to do is look up and breathe. 

In other news, I'll be at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco this weekend April 11th and 12th, and the weekend after. You can find my table inside the Japan Center Mall, right outside the top floor of the Kinokuniya bookstore entrance. I'll be there will my usual books and prints, and I'm also happy to hangout and chat! If you happen to be a backer for the Axent Wear headphones and have questions about the current status and updates, I'll be happy to answer all your questions in person :) I hope to see you there!

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I’m impressed you were able to capture the changing the sky like that
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RozendraSketchHobbyist Artist
How can you add such beautiful filters to landscapes?
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Amazing, dreamy work!
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JapauliHobbyist General Artist
Absolutely amazing, the composition and painting and everything is justt!!!!!!!!! Gorgeouss!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My heart hurts when I look at your images hnngh
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To me, the tension in Through The Days adds a lot to an aura of suspense. As I embrace the illumination of a new body alongside the observers I get a deep sense of their connection to the universal, even while the decisions before them about themselves and the future are as enormous as the heavens looking down upon them. They are decisions they must ultimately make for themselves from the solitude of their mortality. This epic feeling is confounding, but looking at the painting somehow makes it easier to see anyone can find a still center among it all to see what's really going on.
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KosArtworks Digital Artist
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boshimi336Hobbyist General Artist
I love the way the colors enhance all of the little details you have in this as it transitions from day to night. Very beautiful and very well done. Thank you for sharing! :)
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Another one that I'd love to either order, or print out and hang in my house if it's okay :)
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xikesProfessional Digital Artist
Is it possible to buy this as a high-res digital image? I'd like to use it as a wallpaper for a 1440p monitor.
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JeffTheStarHobbyist Interface Designer
Wooow, So Amazing I like it
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SentientLineHobbyist Digital Artist
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VocaloidFanGirl87234Hobbyist General Artist
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dresdamHobbyist General Artist
I like the concept of people standing with a beautiful backdrop behind them
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vandread35Professional General Artist
increible son muy buenas las ilustraciones y fomentar mas sobre la naturaleza q dia a dia hay que cuidar nuestro planeta tierra 
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I really wish your Art were real places! They all look so beautiful and deserve to be visited!

Alas, they only exist in imagination.
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adivakiProfessional Digital Artist
Excellent work !
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The colors are beautiful, as always :)
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Love it xD
Your style is unique. I cant say how much hype I was when I saw an art and immediately recognize it's one of yours lol
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xThunderStormxHobbyist General Artist
This is so beautiful.
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practical-lolitaHobbyist General Artist
This is my favorite picture you've ever made.
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Stunning these pictures always catch my eye.
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Absolutely gorgeous!

It would make a fantastic wrap-around book cover.
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