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These Lies


These Lies
Swimming, glistening around my mind
A beautiful mask
Covering my skin
The artificial taste
Addicting, adhering, advancing
And now 
I’ve lost myself


A painting I finished months ago on the concept of pathological liars.

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🖤 I Absolutely Love This Artwork !

🖤 Your Artwork Has Been Featured On My YouTube Channel !!

🖤 Check It Out :

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why this isn't a daily deviation yet I'll never know
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This is perfect - so colorful yet just the right balance of everything. I love it!
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Candy for the eyes.
miscreantfromnarnia's avatar
this is ,,, like ,, wow
monofluore's avatar
that's so awesome
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Holy Bacon sandwiches. This is incredible.
Sarabella623's avatar
Your art makes incredible desktop wallpapers...I have a whole folder of your art that cycles through on a regular basis!
Jolteonizer08's avatar
It's sooo good!!! I saw this on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it! You should make more of these with different animals (fish) and designs!
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that's a very neat effect, how you've done the skin.
YassineHmichane's avatar
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This is the first piece I saw from your gallery. Its been a year now and I am now following you and getting to see your beautiful and inspiring artwork. The one think I absolutely love about your art is the intense colors and variety. You and other artist have inspired me to try and do digital art. Thanks. And have a wonderful day! :)
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brilliant art . like ur fighters
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In my opinion this is the best one you've ever done
baronessofblades's avatar
The textures and colors are insanely GOOD!
Gabriels-OhNo's avatar
Beautiful, thought-provoking work. Having dealt with pathological liars, I found the words you chose to go with the image quite fitting. I hope you don't still have to put up with them, if this was inspired by your personal experiences.
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I liked it so much I put it on my website about computers! [In the 'Digital Art' section.]

This website was made for a school project called National History Day. These paintings were probably my favorite part of the website. BTW I credited you on the page with the images and on my bibliography.

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