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The Black Cat

By yuumei

Modern day reinterpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat.

-That momentary sense of mystery and fear. Out of the corner of your eye. A stranger? An acquaintance? Wink. And they are gone behind the crowd.

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Melbunnie24's avatar
We've heard of Batman, now get ready for.... CATMAN!!!!
StoryTeaLeaf's avatar
this is a very clever composition 
AgaReut's avatar
love it! <3 
AliceSacco's avatar
6 black cats. I want them all!
Burntherabbitout's avatar
Probably my most favorite in concept and mood
Like, I'm a cheapskate and would never buy art, but I would for this
Earbone's avatar
Love it Love it Love it... both E.A. Poe´s Black Cat and your artwork.. it is amazing, the feeling of mystery, really great
DagazaGZ's avatar
Is this something that can be setup so that I can buy it as artwork?
mee4ever's avatar
brilliant work!
pasteldoqq's avatar
The way you showed 'mask' with that black cat on his shoulder is just perfect!!! And those cats looks A M A Z I N G on his shoulder! I don't really appreciate the background because I think it should be more detail in. But hey,the anatomy is good. You can make always the fur more like fur, keep up the good work!
Kyuliem's avatar
Truly amazing work. I personally love works by Edgar A.Poe and I am happy to see that one of my favorite artists has drawn something referencing one of his work. 
flashdragoon's avatar
I stared at this pice for minutes marveling at how you positioned the cats so perfectly and they look so natural, bravo good sir or madam, bravo!
TakuMinaKh's avatar
Amazing work 😍
AgraelLPS's avatar
I can't believe I'm the first to think of linking this
...On second thought,it reminds me of Adrien Agrest too :B
viktorPWNED's avatar
I'm not sure how but I bought a phone case of that and its beautiful 
EBSelenba's avatar
You killed me 
RayneYukimura16's avatar
Hi! This is AMAZING! You're an incredible artist!

I have a favor to ask! I'm a writer and a huge fan of art/'s my favor: Would you mind if I wrote a story based on your piece here? And if you're okay with that could I post it online? ALL CREDITS GO TO YOU OF COURSE!

I've got this thing where I find pieces of art, like this one, and practice short story writing. I mainly started it because I get so inspired by how talented people are and I want other people to feel the same way I do! Unfortunately, since I'm not a good artist, I try to do that through writing.

Anyway, I'll stop blabbering now! This is amazing piece and Poe is one of favorites!
HORSY890's avatar
Love the transition between the cat's face and the mans face!
DagazaGZ's avatar
I need to buy this as a print to hang on my wall. Can you make this possible?
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