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Terrarium Life 3 - Tea and Lotus

By yuumei

Continuing the "terrarium" series~ One of the things that's been helping me during quarantine is tending to my aquarium and trying out new teas. What's been helping you lately?

In other news, the lump in my hand is still there but I'm going to slowly get back into drawing. Hopefully as more things are opened again, I'll be able to go to the hospital and get surgery. In the mean time, new art post will be slow Q_Q

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Star Spray by yuumei Fishing Stars by yuumei Meet the Sea by yuumei Terrarium Life 1: Toilet paper w/ Animal Crossing by yuumei Terrarium Life 2 - Sunflowers and Cuddles by yuumei
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It would seem we both associate the elegance of teapots to that of fish

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All your transparent-container serie is amazing :)

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Such a beautiful series! I’ve really enjoyed the details and it feels relaxing simply to look at them. I’m a nurse and have been working throughout but on my days off I love to hang out with my super cuddly/chill labradoodle and got back into drawing again. Thank you for sharing a lovely series!!

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Boy, this one really reminds me of Qinni's art. So beautiful.

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So beautiful! I love this entire series, but I think this one is my favorite <3

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the Terrarium series is just so cute and beautiful ! I love this one so much !

would you please allow me to use it as a profile pic (I would of course credit you and put a link to your deviant account) ?

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Drawing and reading has been helping me with quarantine

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Aww, such a peaceful scene, I like the zen vibes :aww: Lotus and tea is a beautiful combination indeed.

What has been helping me lately was to take care of my new bonsai (a delicate Azalea). It started blooming two weeks ago, a real festival of big pink flowers - can hardly see the rest of the tree beneath them anymore! :XD:

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another beautiful teapot interior :la:

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You always have great imagination :clap: Bravo !

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Very relaxing :)

Take care and best wishes!

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This is such a nice design! I love the concept and all the detail you put into it

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Beautiful concept. I love the colors!

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my ideal laifu
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That's so peaceful and serene :heart:

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What I'm taking away from this is that some fish choose to leave and others choose to stay, and we should be grateful for the ones that stick around.

...I miss all my high school friends. Well, the few I had, anyway. Not to brag, but I've been kind of a socially awkward, self-distancing shut-in for most of my life, so in a way I've been preparing for this my entire life, ahaha. ^_^ Family definitely helps in these times, even if we tend to get on each other's nerves a little more often now that we're spending all our waking hours together.

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I don't understand this at all

...but I like it :D

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Seeing it in thumbnail view gives it a Dr. Seuss feel.

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Very nicely done.

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