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The fires from 3 months ago are still burning and the recent air quality has gone back to unhealthy again. I can't believe it's still going... I'm so tired of this.

This is the last of my 6 part series based on the biggest wildfire in CA that turned our sky red. Don't let these paintings become a constant reality as climate change worsens. Tomorrow is election day in the US, if you haven't voted already, go vote! Vote for a future that our children can breathe in.

Rebreathe by yuumei Inhale by yuumei Exhale by yuumei Respire by yuumei Ashes by yuumei Lofi Cali Girl Meme by yuumei
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Really beautiful.

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This is truly amazing

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Like this one...it screams loneliness and isolation especially current for 2020!!

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this is beautiful! ♡

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really amazing!
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Beautiful art as always!

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I love this so much! GG Favorites Icon 3D

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More dust more ashes more disappointment

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I want to believe things can change for the better. I just hope it'll happen before it's too late :(

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And voting has what to do with it, exactly?

The American politicians don't give a shit about your "climate change", no matter how many times they claim they do. As long as they get the votes, as long as they get the power, they'll tell you exactly what you want to hear, just keep the feeding tray in-front of them.

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That combination of beauty and clean and despair is so potent.

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I under stand the feeling. We're only dealing with the after effects of the smoke here in Utah, but it gets caught in the valley and makes it difficult to breath some days. I can only imagine how bad it is when you're that much closer to the source as you are. I just hope you and everyone else stays safe.

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Très réussi ! ♥

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wow, really beatiful! Your 6-part series are just amazing!

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