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Sky Turtle


Speed paint! :D I’ve been having art blocks lately so hopefully speed painting will help me get out of it.

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This is great. Just wonderful. So beautiful :D

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I love this. It's so imaginative, and the palette is so calm. The turtle looks majestic and determined. It knows where it's going. The light from the clouds is beautiful.
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Love this concept <3 <3 <3
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i have my own version of this theme but never try a shot now wit hyour amazing idea a fell corageous for do it!
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Ahhh this piece is amazing~!

A precious turtle-dove.
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Very creative! I love it! Clap  
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Love it... I've always thought that secretly all turtles have wings...
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Very lovely scenery and choice of animals combined into one!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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This is the most beautiful illustration I have ever seen in my life.
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Sweet Jesus, it's amazing Oh Noes! 
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It's a chirp turtle! :D
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Absolutely beautiful! :D  I love, love, LOVE the idea and the turtle design! :heart: Even though it's just a speedpaint, it's one of my favourite fantasy artworks ever. :)
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oh wow i remember looking at this picture a while ago and it still looks awesome!!
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Is this from the book series The Unwanteds? Because there is a flying turtle in it.
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Can I use this for a comic I'm making? This would be awesome. Leave post on page if you say yes.
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This turtle is awesome! It's so cute! :)
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