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Skater Boy


Fanart of Yata Misaki from K project. I've never seen a skate boarding character done so well in an anime. The fluid movements and smooth animation were just pure eye candy *_*

Btw, I have been posting most of my Fisheye Placebo character designs and work in progress on my fb… I'll put it all on dA in one big post once there is enough, but in the mean time, you can check it out there :)

Leave it Broken by yuumeiGuilty by yuumeiWonder by yuumeiFisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumeiCountdown by yuumei
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Great show. and wonderful depiction :)
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aack what a good Misakiii
!! <3
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Yay! It's Misaki! ♥️♥️♥️
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The colors look amazing *_*
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Ahh thank you so much!!! This drawing introduced me to K, Yata looked so cool that I had to watch it!
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that show is porn for ppl who love good artwork 
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You draw Misaki so well. XD
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I'm so happy to see that you've taken a liking to K project, the anime is really great!!!!! And Misaki was perfectly animated as a skater boy, I hope you've watched the movie and there's that great news on second season coming on soon. It gots me even more excited when I saw that fanart of yours for K. I really love your art and stories >////< (I kinda got an obsession with Frey~~~)
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I really liked this character and your art is beautiful. :D
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loved the art in this anime
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Black Blood Brothers, right?
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No way.... I love you, you're like the best artist ever! I love your stories and art!
"He was a skater boy; I said, 'See ya later, boy'."
I haven't heard that Avril Lavigne song since I was 12 (2006), but suddenly, I heard it on the radio at the supermarket the other day. This picture brought it back to mind.
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Beautiful artwork, it looks like a screenshot of the show! XD And yes, the sheer fluidity of the animation in the show was amazing.

Also, Yata is my favorite character from that show. Period. Exclamation mark.
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reminds me of riding a rip-stick
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Yuumei, I freakin' looovee youuuu<333
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