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Semirealistic Eye Tutorial

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Lots of people have asked me to make a tutorial but I never had the time. Well, I found some time while procrastinating on hw yesterday to do a simple eye tutorial in my semirealistic Project WE style. I used Paint tool SAI in this tutorial but the instructions can work for Photoshop as well.

I will do more tutorials on other things later but that's all for now! :D I hope it helped!

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so how would you use this tutorial with other colors, like say red, since there isnt another color on the wheel that gives the illusion of being a darker red while still being the brightest it can be? how would you adapt this with other colors?

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MeiGoatHobbyist Digital Artist
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mars0225Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you very much!!!! this is the tutorial im looking for :D (Big Grin) 
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AnnKristelHobbyist Digital Artist
So perfect. 
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ShadowPoni General Artist
Thank you for this; always trying to find ways to make eyes better, and this helped a lot~ ^-^
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Me0w12Hobbyist Artist
You draw with a tablet?
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sweetturkeyHobbyist General Artist
thanks for the tutorial
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hatsartnstuffStudent Digital Artist
Thanks! I used this tutorial here: fav.me/d94fqkn :3
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infiniteTemperamentHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this tutorial!!! I drew a cool eye with it!!! infinitetemperament.deviantart…
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Please could you do more tutorials on colours and light? Your pictures always glow and stand out and have a real atmosphere :)
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NekoNoGenHobbyist Digital Artist
Glow eyes are complicated. Hope this illuminates me x.x

Thank you!!
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FawweyHobbyist General Artist
Wow nice tutorial!
Check this out fawwey.deviantart.com/art/Juvi…
im trying to follow your tuts, with a bit  of modification
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yoosBHobbyist Digital Artist
Tried it out! yoosb.deviantart.com/art/Eye-s…
It's nice to practice a different style. ^^ Thank you for the tutorial!
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Bel-de-la-BelHobbyist General Artist
I was always wondering how you are doing the eyes and some clothes so neon) now I understood, thank you very much for the tutorial!
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yuumei is awesome!
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artykingsStudent General Artist
You are so awesome *O* 
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XeonartOmegaStudent Traditional Artist
Oh Lawdy seeing those two paintings of Helen together are just AMAZING
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IlyasSioudaHobbyist General Artist
This is awesome ! Fat La Rehost 

used it here : fav.me/d7snlng
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MoonPaperr Digital Artist
Can I marry your art? Seriously :'O I'm your newest fan~~!
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Anime-Freak102Student Traditional Artist
just gonna favourite all your tutorials cause I wanna be a fabulous artist like you *v*
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RapJazSkaHobbyist General Artist

This Tutorial was really helpful! I used it to make one of my best peices
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Tiiria Digital Artist
It helped immensely. I've been stuck in the "scleras must always be white" thing so long. Aaah. Must apply knowledge gained. -drawdrawdrawdrawdraw-
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