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By yuumei
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Newest note: I really didn't want to put a watermark on this but due to continuous art theft in which "Selfish" is turned into band posters, I feel that I must do this to protect the original meaning of this picture. I don't mind people posting this on other site to spread the word but I hate it when wannabe MySpace bands take the picture, erase the words, and add enough crap to it until the meaning of the picture is lost. Thus I apologize to everyone else for the ugly watermark. It can't helped. Also, if you see "Selfish" anywhere else without credit to me, please note me (Notes are better because sometimes I would miss some messages). Thank you!

Why? Because its true.

I know I promised to draw something fun after I've returned from China but certain events that I have experienced there and some other things have been bugging me. While I was in China, the local news reported a county near where I was staying were killing all the dogs. Why you ask? Well because 3 dogs got rabies; each bit a person which caused their death so in return the humans there decided to kill ALL the dogs, that's 50,000 innocent lives lost because the government is too lazy to hired some people to give the dogs vaccines, so they just told the locals to beat all the dogs to death with sticks. Thus one must wonder WTF is wrong with those idiotic people? to help prevent this unreasonable slaughter, please go to [link] and sign the peptition.

Now for the meaning the picture itself. There are some people out there that like to wear fur coats or hang a trophy head on the wall, and for those reasons they would kill a living being. Their reaoning are usually because "humans are better than animals". Though the way I see it, animals only kill others for survival, but humans on the other hand, kill not only animals but also other humans for pleasure and other selfish reasons, so what part of humans are actually better? Thus its very ironic how some people would proclaim themselves better.

Now in my drawing, the person (which is not male nor female though it looks like a girl) killed the egret for its wings to look like angel ( like how people kill animals for their fur to look rich) angels are usually viewed as sometihng good, just as humans usually view themselves as "creatures that are above those heartless beasts" but in reality we are only decieving ourselves.

The person killed the egret yet she/he tried to make her/himself look like an angel with the stolens of the dead bird. I know not all humans are like that, but we are humans and we like to think good of ourselves. Perhaps denial has blinded us from certain truth. More often than we'd like to admit, we rather look the other way when we see people doing things that are dubbed inhumane. However, that's not solving anything, we may not be the ones who are doing those things but by doing nothing, we are helping them. I drew this picture in hopes of convincing those who kill or harm others for unreasonable purposes to stop and for those for does nothing to help and take action.
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Boy, don't call me angel You ain't got me right Don't call me angel You can't pay my price Ain't from no Heaven Yeah, you heard me right (yeah, you heard me) Even though you know we fly (though you know we) Don't call me angel

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the truth is that some humans or the living overall are no better than animals.

Life is complex

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Oh, just like we're not the only race capable of compassion, animals too can gaze into the abyss.

Chimpanzees are one species known to rape. Quite a number of animals kill each other during mating season (either killing the mate right after or killing rivals in a mating bout). Dolphins bully unwanted members out of their groups, orcas play with their food and more. Nature is damn scary and we're part of nature. With all its depths and heights.
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so true, so selfish, so sad. Great work.
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How do you know that they weren't your wings, remember jews exist nothings a given
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great work!
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Excellent piece. 
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This is a really beautiful piece in the sense if confronting the ugly truth that humanity so often overlooks. The issues you discuss in your artist comment there are things that hurt me deeply too and offend and enrage me beyond all belief. Thank you for making this piece, as I'm sure it was unpleasant on many levels...but such things need to be done and said. So thank you for taking a stand and speaking out for those who don't have a voice.
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Nice work!
It's human nature to be selfish, even if we have a sense of morality, but damn, some people have just crossed the line.
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This piece is very moving.

It makes me so angry when people say that humans are superior to animals, so that they can do what ever they want to them.  Because of these kinds of people, I'm sometimes ashamed to be human, to be honest.
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This. This is the very reason why I took a choice to live on a plant-based diet, for the rest of my life.

Our lives, for every others' lives...

Thank you, Wenqin, for sharing meaningful art to the world. :heart:
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It has been found out that plants do have the capacity to feel pain and indirectly react to external stimuli despite not having a centralized nervous system or classical sensory organs. This leads to the belief that plants indeed are sentient, though in a way different from an animal's sentience that we currently are unable to understand.

If that was your reason for becoming a vegetarian, because eating meat requires taking lives, then what difference does it make to kill a plant instead and consume plant matter?
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Sell fish...?

Hmm... . emote . Kaomoji #1 It's all coming together.
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Was that really needed?   Rubesco Shaking Head 
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Ahh... sorry? I don't actually remember posting this...
My little brothers use my computer sometimes... I think they might've gotten on here while I was on dA 
I never use those emotes so I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one who posted that...
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akhh that happen to me
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Amazing work!
Those wannabe bands really are... selfish.
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my mind is a little clearer, Ill do my best to make a difference
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Cry me a blood filled river.
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Hbomba I see that the meaning of this artwork went right over Your head.
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