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More #ExtinctionRebellion art. What is the lengths humanity will go to destroy and protect nature?

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very magnificent and inspiring

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This is so profound and I must admit that this move me so much! you are phenomenal Yuumei! <33333

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Amazing picture guy 😍

Its my best pic actually keep it up❤

Awesome art!!!

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Wow, the use of color is awesome

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You're a fuckin great artist… I'm Always amazed by your style and your creativity...
Much respect
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Amazing art !!


this is just simply amazing . Loved the concept of nature protection and also those eyes.

this one is really magnificent

this is so amazing!!!!!

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This art. This goddamn art. It has some deep soothing psychic alluring aura to it. Rebellious yet loving, calming yet chaotic. I forgot how long I've been staring at this...

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Screenshot 20191013-211341 by murudeka   i'm not kidding but, the japanese dept store Sogo made the symbol  first. 
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Yuumei, I've known you for several years now, and we've been chatting on Furaffinity a few times back and forth many years ago- I am trying to tell you this as someone who likes "you" without knowing you personal:
this is a very strong, nice picture, BUT, said organisation isn't what you think it might be, should be, pretends to be. Your other images about environmentalism are very strong, impressive, accurate. But using the sign of a paid organisation with VERY shady people in it and behind it... Supporting shady groups like these will have a giant backfire. 
May I tell you what Greenpeace did to europe? They took away our regular light bulbs by european laws, replaced them with very dangerous other light bulbs containing mercury, which then recently got replaced by LED lights. You can't find normal light bulbs over here in germany anymore. LED cause serious issues, such as hormonic disbalance and they WILL make you blind if you stare into them for just a few seconds too long by accident.
This was long known, and still their lobby (which is the political and economical lobby, not the environmental lobby!), pushed these laws in brussels. Beware of all the maniacs from the WWF (especially shady!!), greenpeace, that extiinction coalition and especially with that PR sockpuppet Greta.

It is honorable to wanting to save our planet, we all must comply on that. But these people, these organisations, have something very sinister in mind, and it is NOT saving our planet!

You cannot do something that will please to everybody, the LED lights have in deed bad effects, but they are also really useful for their price and for the environment. You talk about lobbies but this is the point of them, to have a political influence. This will always be a better political influence than Total or other fuel industries.

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this reminds me of Philip Dick's book UBIK. spray. hmm read the book if you haven't already.
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I wish it worked like this... Beautiful. ♥ 
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For some reason it reminds of Alan Walker #walkersjoin 
But anyway its really good!  Keep up the great work!
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