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Continuing my new series inspired by the CA wildfires. For weeks ashes rained down from the skies, the air became hazardous and all I could do was stay home and dream about being able to just breathe again.

Wildfires like these will only worsen with climate change. Earlier this year I saw photos of the Australian sky turn red from smoke blocking out the sun like the apocalypse. Then I got to experience that red sky here in California.

Climate change is not some distant fable that may or may not happen to our children. It is happening right here right now and it's up to us to vote for the green policies that will save us from a future of ashes.

Ashes by yuumei Lofi Cali Girl Meme by yuumei
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This is a beautiful picture, but I fear I could never wear a mask like that, as it would be sure to bring on my hayfever.

it's beautiful

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We need a wearable cosplay like this
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Hello yuumei,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James and I just joined this community however as an businessman my name is The Hellfire Hero/The Hellfire Hero JR. To begin with. I read the description describing the ever atrocious and unthinkable CA wildfires. Speaking beyond the level of an advocate to raise for mental health awareness, me and my associates at Hellfire Hero Inc. believe in advocating for causes to make the world a better place. I feel so awful for the victims and the destruction caused by these fires. Now, moving on to your piece. I am speechless. I love the mother earth undertone that corresponds with new life emerging from the unthinkable destruction of the wildfires. The colors are beautiful, blended very well, and the proportions are right in accordance with the way you have your character in the piece. I can't get enough of the mask and how the hair flows with impeccable serenity out of it. Anyways, very well done and keep it up. If you would like to support me and Hellfire Hero Inc. you are more then welcome to. My name is TheHellfireHeroJR. Take care yuumuei. Have a nice evening.

This collection is just so beautiful 🥺 I’m obsessed

This is stunning. Captures 2020

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Good way to make your point.

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As someone who loves how gas masks look, this really resonates with me.

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Greetings from a fellow Californian. Stay safe, Yuumei!

This is such a beautiful piece, and with such an important message!

Just wonderful, I love it.

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Your art is wonderful, but the message behind is terrible. The fires are terrible.

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this mask would be hell for hay fever :D

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This so dope and unique!
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This is gorgeous!

I wish I could be there right now to help. I'm too far away though ;-;

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So beautiful; this series reminds me of Nausicaa quite a bit ^_^

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Very nice scene

good expression

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Très réussi ! ♥

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Ooooo my gawshhhhh beautiful *chefs kiss ×2*
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