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Replacement for the Stars


More concept designs for the upcoming reboot of Knite.

Sometimes it feels like the cityscape of lights is humanity's replacement for the stars. Out of the sky and onto the ground. You can no longer look up to see the stars, you must climb high above the others and look down. 

You can read the old version of Knite here Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumeiLiberate by yuumeiKnite: We Dream by yuumeiKnite: Sliver of Blue by yuumeiBetween Infinity by yuumei
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Ah yes.... FAKE friends. :) :handshake:

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I wish there would be a reprint of this. I want this so badly on my wall. :)

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Hi, i'm doing research for college and wondered what influenced your character's fashion sense and where you got your inspiration from.

I am a year 2 level 3 fashion and textiles student and i'm doing research for my summer project. I hope this is okay to ask and feel free to ignore me.

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pls this dude will not fall
masterboydbor23445's avatar
ew? (btw i did not see)
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almost looks like my OC

This piece of work by you is a Geat art....i loved your idea you used here....i like it so much that i have kept it as my avtaar on an online game xD
Thank you for this amazing piece of work <3 Just love it!!!!
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i love the colours
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This is my alltime favorite anime scene.
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Your gonna shoot me for saying this, but I wanna cosplay him
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Wow, this art is amazing. I haven't read the old version but excited about the reboot :D 
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I know someone that could make an anime out of this.. If you are interested..
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this one actually kicked in my vertigo a little...well done
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When would the reboot come out?
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so this isn't an anime right?
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No, it's a comic they made. You can see it right here on Deviantart!
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thx! i read it and it was good
Poi5onXDa66er's avatar
It is, isn't it? <3
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The sense of depth in the pictures is always amazing. Wonderful work. :heart:
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