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A different take on the crystal stars I've been painting.
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Love the depth you kept through the colors. Reflections are tough to make look right!

Awesome! Masterfully!

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The eyes have it .

Luna4s's avatar

I absolutely adore that lightfall on her skin.

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Damildust's avatar

Beautiful as always Yuumei

SibArtsmen's avatar

If Saint Quartz was a waifu

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Bleizez-ERB's avatar

These cristal reflections... TwT

So pretty and well done

JohnKillinger's avatar

holy shit how are you so good at painting light???

filthy-hands's avatar

This is so beautiful and sensible ... <3 :clap:

Ryuzuki98's avatar

This is breathtaking!!

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Very beautiful and unique! :heart:

sugercubepeach's avatar

the lighting in this piece is absolutely magnificent! i love love love your art!

kittyelfie's avatar

I love the way that is throwing light

Tomie-Kadokawa's avatar

I don't usually comment, but I've been watching you both from my current account and my old one for nearly a decade, and I love the way you do lighting in all of your work! I always look to your composition for unique ways to change up how I do my own work, and love seeing your new pieces.

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