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Rainy Nights


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Rainy Nights~ There's nothing cozier than cuddling with your floof on a rainy night with a good book and some tea :) 
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Miunadeli's avatar

This is so gorgeous, and peaceful.

I love how the drawing kind of tells a story just by itself. Truly such a beautiful scenery ♡

Fulcrumpics's avatar

Sooo good! I want to be there.

VVolfs100's avatar

Same! And that dog! Ooooh! Must be so comfy.

SwordLeopard's avatar

This is sooo amazing omg! I love the color scheme!

Polaraptor's avatar

I can already see a YouTube video having this as the default image for rain sound music

It's too beautiful :aww: I could visualize finding peace and comfort in this rainy room, with somebody I love

goodwifecole's avatar

This is one of my favorite pieces. The longer you look, the more you notice.

Polyrender's avatar

Amazing design / details!

Wyzzel's avatar

I wish I would have such a room!

goatsandaxes000's avatar

That house needs a handrail lmao livin on the edge over there.

immabelial's avatar

looks so comfy

Nickelartsie's avatar

I've been a fan of yours for a very long time :> I really admire your artworks <3

Wow amazing house! Especially the colors, so bright. If your looking for extra ways to earn money online as an artist, you might want to checkout this training; I’ve been trying it out but I’ve heard that artists and people with other creative skills do the best so maybe it would work for you better than me

Marceusss's avatar

amazing art and a lovely room

packy1800's avatar

Imagine this room on a clear starry night, and just being able to look at the sky from your bed.

SkylarRikuYT's avatar

This is so pretty. I hope to see more

XxTrAsH-PANDAx's avatar

I dream to one day make art with such emotion and calm, this is weirdly motivating despite the fact I’m so far off that goal. Your art is amazing.


Do you think it is possible to convert 2D to linear perspective to perfection?

Because I already did it :happybounce:

Please give it a try, if I am the first one who achieves this it could be something reeeally BIG

Thank you

The Principle of Infinity Level 2
Zerna's avatar

I can practically HEAR the rain on that rooftop and smell that heavy scent of plants and rain <3 very comforting. Good Vibes. This would make a great thumbnail for one of those Lofi playlists. :nod:

camaseiz's avatar

So peaceful. ❤️

Attack-At-Dawn's avatar

sometiems I wonder a lot how you make these backgrounds

do you use a program? if so, what program do you use?

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