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Rain on My Sunshine

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Thank you all for the kindness and encouraging words on my last journal post. I spent the past 3 weeks getting therapy and focusing on myself. At times I would feel like I am getting better before falling into despair again (and a stalking incident last Sunday that involved police removal did not help the healing process…), but overall, I am getting better.

Sometimes I wonder which side of the reflection I stand on. The one holding a raining umbrella when the sky is clear, or the one holding onto sunshine when it rains? Between the unfortunate things that happen in life, and my own reaction to those things, I can’t tell if I am responsible for my own unhappiness.

My therapist will be treating me for PSTD on the things that happened in my past, starting from my childhood. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life, and incorporating the experiences into new projects. I want to understand my life through my art.

While I haven’t been posting these past 3 weeks, I have been busy writing out the new script for a remastered version of Knite, doing new character designs, and researching new techniques to speed up the comic making process. Knite is a story that lies close to my heart. It’s heavily influenced by my childhood, and while I never got to finish the old story, I am determined to finish the new one.

I hope to continue both Knite and Fisheye Placebo at the same time. I can’t realistically draw it all by myself, so I will be making a post in a few weeks about hiring helpers. I’m not completely back yet, but I’m starting to heal, and I look forward to all the amazing things in 2016.

Thank you all again for always being here for me. I hope I can give back as much as everyone has given me.

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I am absolutely in love with this piece  rn. its an absolute feel. 
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Beautiful, very creative
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BeastlyReaderHobbyist Artist
I love this picture for it really makes me think about it if I'm the reflection or the person in reality. A reality based off my interpretation and feeling toward myself and etc...
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Your picture looks so beautiful and is showing so intense emotions. I dont know why, but my heart is hurting a bit when I see it. It remambers me somekind of myself, the way I saw the world.  I always loved rain. Everytime, when it was raining, I ran out of my room on the street or in the garden, regardless of what I was wearing. Of my point of view, the world was much prettier then always, everything was sparkling, smelled better and the best thing, I was alone, no one was outside besides me. I think the world is most beautiful when its raining. However your painting looks really beautiful.      (Im sry for my spelling mistakes) 
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wonderful. I really like your style. Thanks for sharing!
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wooo so gut !!!!Amaizin
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PinimalHobbyist General Artist
That's make me many feel when I see this picture. ;-;
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shantetooProfessional General Artist
Great use of P.O.V.
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menchusignposts64Hobbyist Artist
Beautiful! Thank you! :)
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DentAshHobbyist General Artist
Trippy, I like it a lot :)
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Wow!! What a coincidence! Great Artists truly think alike!! Hope for Brighter Days by DestinyBlue
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HillaryGamerStudent Digital Artist
i love it <3
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x-Kaizumi-xHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh i finally found it!!! This is the background pic on a song called Infinity Rise on YT!! I was looking all over for this >w< i can finally watch chu~
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Lovely.:) (Smile) 
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sintel16Hobbyist General Artist
I've got an umbrella like that :)
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zappa10Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful.- - such talent,,,!
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DrawingMySoulHobbyist General Artist
im speechless...
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stevanisyaStudent Digital Artist
o m g it's beautiful !
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Fantastic idea!!! <3
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DeathacromStudent Digital Artist
if i were imortal i would watch your art for along time *.*
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this is reaaally not possible, a rain is made with water at high temperature or low pressure, you cant find water in either those states inside an umbrella, i know what im talking about because i study these kind of things, pls, a lil research doesnt hurt
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InkslicerStudent Traditional Artist
The water is on the outside of the umbrella.
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Earth-DreamersHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the science fact
And also, it's art :)
epicpompadourdude's avatar
you clearly dont understand anything about physic and chemistry, just because its art doesnt mean it can be senseless, pls, study a lil
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