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Quiet Afternoon

By yuumei

Update! Tutorial on 3D backgrounds found here 3D background Tutorial by yuumei :D

Enjoy this wallpaper~ :)

This is the first test of a full procedural generated city in 3DS MAX that I then painted over in SAI to take away the 3D look.

For more information on how I did this and other examples, please visit my tumblr post at…

This 3D plus hand paint over process reduces the time of drawing detailed city backgrounds by many folds :D I am still new at learning 3D city generation so this whole process took me about 6 hours from start to end, which is still a lot faster than hand painting from scratch.

I will post tutorials on how to do this once I get back from Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con. Speaking of AX, I will be in the artist alley for all 4 days at tables A-16 to A18 :D I hope to see you there!!! More info plus map of table location at

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Afrial's avatar
I'm gonna die to look this, this awesome!!!!!!!
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
Colors, lights, viewing angle, depth of field … everything is so impressive and effective !
Remarkable !
peacelovehalstewart's avatar
Wow this is amazing!
HunterCat1's avatar
That is well made & detailed. I LUV IT
oibyrd's avatar
So gorgeous!! thank you for sharing it with us :)
ShaydenSketches's avatar
kurarai's avatar
Wooow this is so great!!
inkuy's avatar
I am making a animation and could i use this plz if that is ok?
( I would give credit ^^)
huppyleon's avatar
thankyou >_<

finally i get the tutorial how to fast make 3d background >_<
luwv's avatar
CrystalGreene's avatar
awesome i saw the tut
Meiannethea's avatar
ooohhh.. the details and the colors
i'm such a great fan of your very wonderful artworks
NazifAbdullah's avatar
Local Mom lost 57 pound in a week
Tolomuco's avatar
Wow!!! iI can't help but keep favoriting your pictures!!! Awesome color
arianja's avatar
woah, i love your works but this one took me by surprise, looks even more awesome than most
NicoleScribble's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful! When I first clicked on it, I thought it was a picture, it looked that realistic! The only small thing I ask is, why the dark outlines on the buildings? Is that, like, the style you use, or were you trying something new? Because I'd suggest for wallpapers and scenery drawings that you don't outline it. Let it blend into the surroundings. If you looked at your arms, you don't see black or even darker peach outlining your arms around the outside, right?
sorry, that was my only constructive criticism. Otherwise, great job! Definitely going into my favorites!
FreeFallHero's avatar
It's in her style :P
I noticed that it does good to get the mood for some pictures ( [link] )
NicoleScribble's avatar
M'kay, I understand! :)
luck7151's avatar
omg i love this
juwpi-chan's avatar
oh girl you're SO amazing
DIS-Kanna-sama's avatar
I love this, it's gorgeous :)
veritasBtold's avatar
Oh.... Gawd....
That perspective....
This would have killed me.... Dx lol
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