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Portal Engagement Rings

By yuumei

My friend :iconguavi: (who is a huge Portal fan) and I were joking about getting married and she complained about the lack of engagement rings, so here they are XD :heart:

In other news, I have a Tumblr now :D I will be updating some random doodles and WIP on there :3
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If someone proposes to me with that it’s almost a guaranteed yes!

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But wait... How would it work???

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I'm guessing that you would exchange fingers too lol

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This is so CUUUUTE~
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I need glowy rings like this to be a real thing, omg.
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If they work like actual portals, would your spouses finger replace yours on you hand?  That would mean that one of your fingers on your hand  is being controlled by someone else and you lack any feeling from it.
Or would it be that only one person can wear them? hmmmmm......
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I legit hope this gets manufactured one day
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:Portal: :endlesschase:Portal Self Poke The Cake Is A Lie Space-core-icon Space-core-icon Space-core-icon Space-core-icon Turret Time Portal ilikemyportalplz 
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If the rings were actually portals... i bet the fingers would be different on the hands xD
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Hi dear friend.... it so amazing... i totoally love it... am a 3d artist... beginner though... but i created ur portal ring in 3d(defntly not that good as ur drawing) for my girl, and i didnt pubish it anywhere... i wish to show u... would u like to see it..... Hug +fav 
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Aww that's sweet! :D
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If someone would propose to me one day, I could careless about a diamond ring. I want a portal ring *^*
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also ummm. check that link you put there.....
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BACK AT IT AGAIN GETTING MARRIED! ((XD but seriously- i LOVE this art!))
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Errr.... I think you may have put the wrong tumblr link..... xD
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Well I was just ran out of the house.
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lol I'm sure they'll let you in eventually APH GerIta Pat 
TheAnimeDonut's avatar
Then start making a tent before stuff comes out of the dark :vampireglomp: 
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