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Origami over 9000 XD

I mentioned in this post that I had been obsessively making origami, and here's the proof...

There are so many awesome Youtube tutorials out there, I highly recommend them to anyone who's interested in the craft :D Just type in "origami tutorial" or "how to fold _____"

For the Dollar Koi tutorial (regular koi without the wings) please check out the awesome Won Park on this blog [link] :D

Have fun folding!

You can see more of my ceramic sculptures here :D [link]

PS. Um... please don't ask me to make a tutorial for the winged koi or orchid. I don't have time right now (since now that I can draw again, I have a lot to catch up) and I don't really know how to make a tutorial since the winged koi is very complicated and hard to show how to fold (there are tiny folds that my lame video camera can't zoom in on). If I ever have the time and a new video camera, I will make a tutorial, but for now, please don't ask.
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You have an amazing collection, of both the origami and the sculptures!
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It's beautiful!
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This origami is over 9000 XD
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hey, can you please tell me the name of the origami flower in the first picture?, the 2 balls, pink and green, made from it :) thank ypu
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Origami is sooooooooo addicting! I've got way more paper than I could possibly use, but every time I see origami paper, I always have to check out the designs, and when I see a new book, I always have to flip through it. It's definitely good stress relief. They say for little stresses, one should make something on the complicated side to take your mind off it, and for big, messy, complicated stresses, do something simple and repetitive. Origami can definitely supply both needs.
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I'm not sure whether to be impressed at the sculptures (HIGH SCHOOL?!) or the origami. I'll just go with both!
L-Silvermoon's avatar
It's all so amazing!
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Can you PLEASE make a tutorial on how to make the purple flowers in the second picture? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?????
SiLvErSOuLsORA's avatar
Must. Learn. Oragami. NOW :sprint:
Morgsush's avatar
Fufufu you like to rhyme too?
AnimesMyDrug's avatar
Both the ceramic sculptures and the origami are too amazing O.O
You made the sculptures in high school!?!? Wow, you are just incredible!!!
dayzee8's avatar
I do not know anyone who is better at origami than you. O_____O
Can I ask, did you make a tutorial for the winged koi on youtube? IT LOOKS SO HARD, how did you create it yourself?!?!?!?!!! :iconinuclapplz:
apriltrixie16's avatar
you're really amazing!
SanctuaryLover's avatar
can you send me the tutorials you used? please cause i cant draw to save my life and I want to make something. please. thanks
MellowOrange's avatar
That's so awesome!
I'm always trying to figure out how to make things with origami, but I'm not all that good at it...
However, you have inspired me!! *goes off to figure out how to make that lovely little origami book*
CreaNyu's avatar
You're very good with your hands!! ^_^
Tina87's avatar
Seriously, are you even human? Those are amazing.
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taht is.. SO EPIX. :la:
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Hey, thank you for your support and promotion of my work.
love your winged kois BTW.
MutuOfFinland's avatar
Wow, AWSOME!! They all look so Beautifull!! I know many easy, but I think I should learn more....
And yeah, I'm kinda obsessed with them too <^'^>
Thank you for charing this with us!!
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how do you make the koi please tell me?

❑ Taken
✔Mentally dating a character that doesn't actually exist.
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Wow. These are sooo fantastic! Perfection!
Teirra-Misaki's avatar
The koi fish and lotuses are my favorites. (4th pic) ^^
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