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October 29, 2010
Origami Winged Koi by `yuumei is an impressive display of origami art.
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Origami Winged Koi


This origami winged koi is an original design by yours truly (folded from an uncut piece of 8.5 by 14 inch printing paper) Here's a vague process if you're interested Origami Winged Koi Process by yuumei Not to be confused with Wong Park's dollar koi.

As you may know, I haven't been able to draw lately… because of family issues. I wasn't physically prevented from drawing or anything like that, but one of the family problems had to do with my drawings. It made me so depressed that drawing and being on dA reminded me of all the problems and stressed me out to the point that I just couldn't bring myself to draw.

As a stress relief, I folded origami obsessively. I never folded origami before (other than the most typical crane and lucky star) but I began folding all sorts of flowers, kusudama, and animals (seen here Origami over 9000 XD by yuumei ) from Youtube tutorials. The simple act of folding paper allowed me to concentrate on something other than my problems. Unlike drawing, I didn't have to think about the subject or meaning, all I had to do was follow directions and fold paper. I folded so much that the skin came off of my fingers but it helped me calmed down.

As I got better, my creativity returned a little so I designed a winged koi from one of my stories, Curse of the Winged Koi Curse of the Winged Koi by yuumei After folding about 10 of these (along with 20 other regular koi and hundreds of other random things) I think I'm able to draw again. I'm also going through therapy with my mom so I think things are going to be looking up from now.

tl;dr: family problems -> me too emo to draw -> folded origami instead + therapy -> all better now. Commissioners, don't kill me, I'll be working on everything now.
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TanyaHedgehog's avatar
Beautiful and I'm glad you found origami as a support.
Have you considered creating a crease pattern for this? Or have someone make the crease pattern for you?
AoArchangel's avatar
Beautiful! I love making origami~ It really does relieve stress! :D
behzadpainter's avatar
wooooooowww what a beautiful origami . didn't see like that before. thanks for sharing
shaunlergracie's avatar
Very nice folds and photograph ☺️
Brickgenius27's avatar
Very elegant and graceful, nice work!
LoveMangaStyleArt's avatar
You designed this yourself!!! That's amazing! Can't imagine how long it takes to fold those scales I never like thoes 1000x creases business (if you know what I mean) that's why I love Michael G. LaFosse's Koi fish, but the end result always looks so good! Is there anyway we could get diagrams or anything???? I do buy origami books so If you release anything give me a shoutout! :)
MarcGo26's avatar
Whaa I only you know as a Digital Artist! :iconholycrapwrightplz:

You're actually good at origami! :oops:
tornadoz01's avatar
She's good at everything 0-0
ImperialPotato's avatar
That is amazing! I would love to make one of those! :)
deidara1444's avatar
Simply Beautiful!
xxice-maidenxx's avatar
you designed that yourself?! that's amazing! do you possibly have a tutorial? :D
biscia's avatar
I find this image absolutely fascinating.  The Koi are very simply done, yet quite elegant.  :)
PeteriDish's avatar
awesome result!
Chestnutscoop's avatar
Does 'Koi' mean love? As in 'Koi wa Sensou' meaning 'Love is War'?
origami-roses's avatar
Not always. In Japanese, as in Chinese, the written character has meaning. Many characters (or combinations of characters) are pronounced very similarly, and when put into English letters are spelled the same. So one Japanese character pronounced "koi" does mean love - it usually implies a physical love - and an entirely different character, also pronounced "koi" means the large carp-type fish you see in Japanese/ "Oriental" garden ponds. In Japanese, "koi" is also a command form of "come here" - sometimes used as "follow me".
JBarr4's avatar
I love this, it's so awesome
Nestelique-san's avatar
it's beautiful and captivating =)
manilafolder's avatar
Great fold and excellent photo!
RazielT's avatar
Now this is damn impressive, you have more skill than anyone person should lol. Amazing.
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