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This is a drawing for :iconjitterdoodles: who wanted Okami as her prize for winning the Knite Caption contest hosted by :iconknite-fliers: :D I hope you like it and congrats!

Speaking of Knite contests, :iconknite-fliers: is hosting a new contest! :D It's actually less of a contest and more of a fun for all activity where you can post prompts like "Knite beach party" or "Young Kai meets young Sen" in the comments, and someone else might draw your prompt or you can choose to draw someone else's prompt! :D I will draw a few of the chosen prompts myself~ You can read more about the contest details here…

Drawn in Paint tool SAI, texture added in Photoshop.
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Awesome brush work! ♥

so beautiful. from 9 years later!

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I can see this as a painting in my living room. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!
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I went looking through my favorites and I think its time I leave a comment. I love this so much! It looks like it could be a promo art piece for the game. It just fits Okami's art style so beautifully! I'm super excited for the PS4 port and I'm happy to have this artwork in my favorites. ^_^
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This is beautiful. I've been playing this game since years and i don't find often artworks that compliment its original style as well as yours.
Keep up the good work!
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This really looks like an ink drawing while still being super colorful, it's great!
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Flowy Art of the gods
"bows down"
Why oh why
so talented.
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luv the style! plus it's amazing how different it is from ur usual stuff Clap :thumbsup:
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The most FANTASTIC & MASTERPIECE...well Done n 2thumbs for you👍👍
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Okami is awesome! XD I love the style of the game   just wow
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I love Okami! Just started to play Okamiden a day ago. When I saw this, I immideately had to favorite this.
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CURSE YOU!So pumped, now.CURSE YOU!
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You can't even imagine how hard I'm fangirling right now.
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Awesome! I love the pose!
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Your Art works extremely well with the Okami art style, it works so well it seems like the whole Okami art style was your to begin with!
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A masterpiece :) It's been made into a tattoo :) As i cannot upload picture, here is the link.
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How is this not a DD?! It's got all the hallmarks of one, and yet...
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That's amazing, I love it ! And I have almost the same tattooed on my arm, so I find it really awesome *.*
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