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Occupy Imagination


This my tribute painting to the Occupy movement. :D I was really inspired by all the peaceful and creative ways the occupiers were making their opinions heard, especially when the police try to clear them out, they've found ways to return in the form of tent balloons, book tents, and chalk people.

Even if you don't agree with the Occupy movement, you have to admit that they have imagination :)

Everything seen in this painting is inspired by real events that I've either witnessed first hand at Occupy Berkeley or photos of other Occupies online. Here's the links to some of those inspiration:

Tent Balloons:…
Book Tents:…
Nyan Nyan Percent:…
Octopi Wall Street:…
Occupy Dog:…
Chalk people:…

For those of you who are not familiar with the movement, it first started because there is an increasing income gap between the extremely rich and the poor. The top 1% of Americans own 50% of the country's wealth because they are able to bribe the government into creating laws that will benefit them while making the poor even poorer. Examples include the Supreme court ruling corporations as people to give companies the same protection as people.

Since then, the movement has spread to encompass a wide variety of issues such as free education and racial equality. This doesn't make the occupiers disorganized and they haven't lost their original cause. It simply means that a lot of the issues such as rising education costs and racial segregation through income gap all have the same underlining cause due to the increasing corporate control of our government.

Drawn in Paint tool SAI and Photoshop.
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GabGA655rupeshji's avatar
WOW! Loved every word of it! Great Post! How do you WOW your lover? Do you follow all the points you mentioned?…
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Hahaha I love the Octopi XD

Make pie, not war? =^o^=
GamziMakr's avatar
Never before has the plague of Stupidity reigned in America's streets. Ignorance, feelings of entitlement, and a refusal to obey the Law is all these people know. They're better off in Antarctica than polluting our country with their inanity.
regates's avatar
I like the whole concept, it's really good, Nyan Cat for the win and I agree with the idea the Occupy movement wanted :)
LordofStupidity's avatar
Lol that dog is just peeing over a cats' occupy xD
VersaFarm's avatar
I thought this was a joke.
Technicolor-teaparty's avatar
are the tents just empty?
JoeCorreia's avatar
SnapCentino's avatar
Your work has been suggested for DD!

I have never heard of this movement before, but I can only stare in amazement at the rampant imagination.
LeAmelie's avatar
I love it,this beautiful!!!
Karinta's avatar
WOW! I didn't know you had done this art.
clearRAIN44's avatar
octopi everything! XD
iloveyoite's avatar
This is really truly amazing and inspirational
:) I really like it
Yeah121's avatar
That dog peeing....most epic thing ever.
TheHideousStrength's avatar
First, about the picture, amazing coloring, (rather depressing, actually---too much concrete and the cloud overshadows most of the sky, ;^^ ) with some amazing imagery.

I am a bit afraid to post what I am...about to post, and evidently have, judging that you are reading it. But the Occupy movement has committed a great number of follies, alienating many possible allies, the entirety of the Conservative blogosphere included, (and myself, but admittedly, the Conservative blogosphere bit back pretty hard,) and I feel I must voice some constructive criticism. (A tool that is invaluable to any artist.)

First of all, its somewhat confounding that Che is here glorified---despite his role in making Cuba a horrible place. And he's not really well loved by the people he supposedly freed, given that they must subsist on American dollars gained by telling their daughters to stand out by the highway for the benefit of tourists.
Its also strange to me that the Conservative movement is blamed for Crony Capitalism. In truth, Crony Capitalism was most empowered by FDR---a major Liberal icon---when he enacted legislation that would award business based on size and profit. Before then, the agricultural industry was composed of local, small farms. and not too long after, it had all been bought up by four agriculture giants, all of whom live in a bureaucratic pact meant to keep people from noticing that its a monopoly.
In truth, government -is monopoly.- Socialism -is monopoly.- Fascism -is monopoly.- I'm just...Saiyen. :iconvegetaplz:
And monopoly stagnates and destroys.

In addition, if the Occupy movement is keen on minority rights, why has it allied itself with the African American's historical oppressor?
Abraham Lincoln practically founded the GOP, Martin Luther King was a Republican, and it was the Replican party that spearheaded the civil rights movement---while the Democrats were talking of sterilizing African Americans and poor people, and hippies were out in mobs to lynch "that <slur> that raped by girlfriend!"
A great deal of information can be altered or skewed over the course of 5 or more generations. And I can't really say I think the Occupy movement has anything good in store in terms of minority rights but more of the same hand-holding hand-wringing finger-pointing

Have a good day, everyone, and remember....the upper class really isn't actually out to get you. They're just willing to sell you down the river if they think its their only hope. And please, don't flame me---I don't want to be afraid to check my DA. ;^^

And please don't say "tl;dr" and assume you know what I'm saying in this bunch of verbal barf...I mean, wonderful essay I wrote for all of you.

Weeee I'm going to regret this.
Koimeteria's avatar
I love you. :) You have it right and no worries, sometimes telling the truth to people that probably wont accept it is hard! I agree with you completely and I know lots of people that do too.
TheHideousStrength's avatar
;u; You must introduce me to them. xD I live near Portland, so...not many people here agree with me. ;^^
Yeah, I've gotten a lot of flack over this sort of thing, before. ;<<
TheHideousStrength's avatar
That was longer than it looked. I apologize. ;-;
Tori5C's avatar
I almost peed myself when I read the "I'm just...Saiyen" part ahahaha XD
Tori5C's avatar
Also, I applaud you for posting this. Never be afraid to post something here on the DA this is a big happy family (mostly anyways) that accepts all opinions (mostly I hope >.<) <3
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