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Midnight Stroll


I'm going to practice doing more painterly art from now on. I feel like since my comics are very lineart heavy, I've gotten too reliant on lineart. My comics will still be the same style for consistency but for my other illustrations, I'm going to explore new brushes and techniques :3 

Still Waiting by yuumei
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I love how you can see the brushwork. Not something you'd normally say about a digital piece, but the fact that it can be achieved like this is amazing. :)
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Awww ♥ This is so beautiful and cute at the same time ♥ My very first pet/cat followed me also when I was 8-year-old ♥
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I never get tired of looking at torii gates. Happy Retsuko [F2U] 
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So stunning <3 very poignant as well. Beautiful.
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Btw,This can be a very nice  dakimakura pillow..(* Q *), very impressed. Do you accept commission if i print your pillow? My website is
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The perspective of looking up at the stars is amazing!
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how do you do this?!
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Incredible! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
Love it so much!!! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! 
Beautiful! I love this so much!
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... is it just me or is there a tiny half of a Google Chrome logo in the middle of the picture?  =^=?
But otherwise amazing work as always I am speechless :D
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Yep, I see it.
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Noticed it too
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Sooo amazing! Hooooooooow omg
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Found this on the front page of Deviant Art and just spent a ton of time browsing through the rest of your work o.O It's all amazing - thanks for uploading/sharing :)
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