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Decades from now
When the birds are all gone
When their bodies have decayed
The waste of this generation
Will remain

Is this for posterity?
Is this our legacy?


This was inspired by the film, Midway. www.midwayfilm.com/

It is a touching documentary about the Midway island that is home to 1.5 million albatrosses and many other species of wildlife. However, the island is covered in 20 tons of plastic waste. The plastics are from the Pacific Garbage Patch, estimated to be twice the size of the United States. The plastic waste, discarded from our daily lives and washed into the ocean, are now found in the stomach of many dead animals. One in three baby albatrosses living on Midway Island dies from plastic ingestion. 5 tons of plastic find their way into these baby birds ever year. 

While watching the film, all I could think of was how the plastics will still be there when the corpses of the dead baby birds are long gone, and how the future generations won't look up to see a sky full of birds, but look down to see a land filled with waste. I hope we have more that just trash as our legacy to the future. 

There are simple things you can do to help reduce this problem:

- Recycle. Sounds simple but means so much. By recycling, you are not only preventing the plastic trash from being put into a landfill or dumped into the ocean, you are also reducing the need to create new plastic from petroleum and all of the damages that comes with mining for oil.

- Don't litter. It's really not hard to walk a few extra steps to make sure the trash goes into the can instead of just throwing it on the ground where it will be washed into the drains and rivers, which eventually lead to the ocean. Such simple action can save countless tons of plastic from ending up in the stomachs of baby birds. 

- Go for biodegradable products. It's not a widely available option yet, but more and more products are made with biodegradable material. When given the option, choose the right one, and avoid products that have a lot of unnecessary packaging. Instead of buying 40 bottles of water, buy one long lasting water bottle and reuse it 100 times over. This way you'll save time and money as well as the environment. 

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What makes this even sadder is that the plastic bits within the bird appear to be children's board game pieces.  :(
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I've seen that documentary and Chris Jordan's photography on the matter. Such a terrible fate for these birds as well as many other ocean dwellers. Your art on the subject captures the issue very well and inspires me to work harder.
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CrossoverQueenIIHobbyist General Artist
Holy shit... Your artwork(both the drawings and the words in the description) are- are- ... They're beautifully made, but contain such sad, and depressing topics... I love it!
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Triste realidade :(
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peaceful-pupperHobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of an amazing but horrible, short documentary, where they were visiting an island with so much trash that, when they cut open a dead bird, his body was completely filled with trash.
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VividlyImagineHobbyist Artist
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ShiyorynHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow...this is amazing~!
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Ouch. Wow. Beautiful.
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DireRedemptionHobbyist Digital Artist
omg jeezus, what has this world come to??
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hans-sniekers-artHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think this is what I want to do with my life... save the world, remove the plastics. I'm already on a school on which I can choose to make biodegradable polymers and plastics, and I think this is highly needed in our society ... look at what we do ;_;

Thank you for this beautiful message ...
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PeachsoddaHobbyist Artist
i have seen pictures like this online, its terrible what people today do, we need art like this to show whats going on, humans just like to sugar-coat the horrible things they have done to the environment, so they don't feel like monsters themselves. we need to show the world what littering can do. just leaving a plastic toy on the side of the road could kill an unaware animal. throwing away just one plastic bag could kill a turtle.   this is amazing and i hope to see more art like this in the future!
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BellaPepperSeedsHobbyist Digital Artist
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WooterMellonHobbyist Digital Artist
im a heartless person and im crying. good job! so beutiful and sad
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Deep, I hope to see more like this in the future
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Your illustrating it is very interesting!!!amazing!!!can you watch my works?I will be very happy!Wink/Razz 
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I love the space and contrasting colors you incorporated into this piece! your artwork has encouraged me to be more aware of environmental problems and take action. thanks so much!
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MoonbeamDragon1Student Traditional Artist
I've heard of this guy that designed this thing. He has a utube video, I think it's called the pacific cleanup, he designed a large platform or something that is built perfectly to clean up all this waste. It is designed perfectly to capture even the smaller fragments , also without capturing fish. It's really inspiring but it's going to take a lot of time and money to get in action. Unfortunately we still have to stop the creation of this waste and that's another story. Close to where I live on the western side of Vancouver island lots of this stuff, including the debris from the earth quack in Japan is still washing up, it also endangers the animals here. I've heard sad stories of people finding this boat and going all the way over there to return it to this Japanese family that had lost it 3 years before. There's tons of stuff just floating out there.
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BajuvaHobbyist General Artist
I watched the Midway after seeing this picture and it really broke my heart. We will cause the demise of our own planet, if we don't change our behavior and stop the ignorance. Pictures like this one and films like that one might help changing people's view of things.
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InfinityPrincessArtStudent Digital Artist
Waaaah! Your officially my favorite artist. 
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IamthePocketStudent Traditional Artist
Your art is so heartbreakingly beautiful.
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MallophoraHobbyist Photographer
Amazing!!! :D
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