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Leave it Broken


A scene from Fisheye Placebo that's been stuck in my head for a while. I wanted to capture the feeling of melancholy, and a desire to leave things broken are as a reminder of why you are who you are.

Fisheye Placebo: You Are Free by yuumeiColor by yuumeiFisheye Placebo: Solo for the Self by yuumeiFisheye Placebo: Concept Art by yuumeiWatching the Watcher by yuumeiFisheye Placebo: Introspection by yuumei
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omfg it looks like erza XD
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This is the girl from your comic. Yet, this may be unintentionnal but the scene here really reminds me of the one in Nana (Ai Aizawa). There is a similar table (the disposition isnt quite the same though). And there is a real story about that broken glass lying on the floor like that.😗
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Your lighting is SO AWESOME! Great mood in this picture!
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the reflective look is stunning
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I love the lighting in this piece, it gives a deep melancholic mood to the picture and your drawing style is simple yet so unique :heart:
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The composition, the feel of this piece, everything... it's an inspiration. I aspire to draw like this someday... Tinytinympink (f2u) 
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Beautiful composition <3
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como eres tan bueno camarada?
"a desire to leave things broken as a reminder of why you are who you are". Wow, that is perfect. I think about this all the time. Beautiful painting, you are so talented.
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This is absolutely amazing, and  I love the story of fisheye placebo! I truly admire your works and strive to be like you, what program do you use?
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I love the lighting and atmosphere!
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This is an absolutely beautiful piece... It has a little something that touches me a lot. The lightning and details are wonderful and the scene's deepness is superb. I love it!
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It's beautifull <3 Can i use it in my blog? :) With reference!
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Just beautiful... like all of your drawings!
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The concept is profound, and the execution is beautiful. The reflection off the tile looks so real.
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