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:star: Make your own LIKE AN ARTIST COMIC and win prizes! Contest ends February 15th 2011. For more details, click here LIKE AN ARTIST Meme n Contest by yuumei :star:

Ever wondered what it takes to be an artist? Well now you know! XD

Some of the things in this comic are based on real events (though I exaggerated for fun) like putting cheesecake into soup, and making food into ducks (my cooking tastes horrible in case you're wondering).

Enjoy your holidays LIKE AN ARTIST! :iconlikeanartistplz:

Drawn in Paint tool SAI
Story inspired by life and Like a Boss song…

likeanartistplz icon made by :iconnerinserene:
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KarakNornClansman's avatar
Cook like an artist. How accurate!
Glo72's avatar
I am like an artist XD 
Sukikmu's avatar
Favorite this an artist! x3
JJFunctions's avatar
i hate cheesecake, but i love this :D
ScalerWolfZark's avatar
That cheesecake didn't deserve that 
rhunel's avatar
I agree!  Cheesecake brings love 
DragonwithaMonacle's avatar
I'm an artist... and can confirm that my room is indeed messy. I also think adding cheesecake to anything could make it better, and given the opportunity I will always enjoy wearing a long black coat.
T5-Comix-Cartoonz's avatar
This makes me smile a lot. =D
kitsu13's avatar
This makes life better.
MaxErikson's avatar
I am glad I found this.
Mkghosty's avatar
this is my every day life
PaistellColours's avatar
I can totally relate to the messy room panel,

Though my excuse for that is; 'It's organized chaos' xD
Ehsol-namu's avatar
metalgearfan64's avatar
ForsakenStrange's avatar
You forgot

Watch anime like an artist
Joy-Creative's avatar
Not all artists watch anime tho 
ForsakenStrange's avatar
Tell that to every artist I know
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