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Knite: We Dream


This is a 10 by 15 inch Knite poster featuring Sen, Min-Min, Kai, Ling, and Fei gazing up at the star filled sky of their dreams. This may not be the reality they have right now, but this is the future they hope to create.

:star:Poster for sale at… :star:

You can read Knite ch1-4 here:
Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumeiKnite: Chapter 2 by yuumeiKnite: Chapter 3 by yuumeiKnite: Chapter 4 by yuumei
Drawn in SAI and Photoshop
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© 2012 - 2021 yuumei
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Hi! I wanted to say that your artwork is really impressive!! I just looked through your art and each piece gave me a hopeful emotion and made me want to create and reflect on my own work. Your art is truly inspirational, and I LOVE your style! Please keep creating! BT21 - CHIMMY emoticon dog - bt21 cute 
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We dream and so we live :)
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Breathtaking <3 
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Such a beautiful sky, the colours are gorgeous! Loving your story by the way, keep it up. :)
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this is wicked cool
KingdomHeartsEWY's avatar
It looks wonderful ^w^
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Such a dreamy sky :D
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I have no words to describe how beautiful this is. Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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How.... All of your art makes me speechless, but this one is one of the best pieces I've ever seen!
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I unfavorited this, and favorite the art again. just because I want to see this beautiful art in the newest part of my favorite section, so I can see it everytime.
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Most of your Pictures Show a lot of companionship, which gives me such a good warm Feeling within my heart. <3 U do not only Pairings, but just a big companionship.
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Breathtaking and heartwarming. The fellowship shown in this picture really says it all. Very nicely done! ^w^
NaruHinaSasuSaku4evr's avatar
this is beautiful.. i wish i could put it into better words, but that's all i can say Shocked
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i really wish that i'd watched you sooner
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SO GORGEOUS .... <3 browsing the internet for phone wallies and found like five here already XD I've started using your art for my laptop and phone wallies for a few months now and I'm basically never looking back.... <3
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Your skies are beautiful. :)
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reminds me of 5 cm per second
the only difference is i like Knite's story far more
and the artwork is far supreme too
kudos to yuumei-san :D
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