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Knite: Unromantic Pick Up Line

By yuumei

Happy Valentine's Day!! :D

We all know that Sen is forever alone :iconforeveraloneplz: and here is why~ XD

( You won't get the joke unless you've read Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumei where Sen flies 10 kites at night :p )

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(He would be Mr. Steal Yo Gurl at my school tbh)
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Pfffft!!! *Snort* Flraugh! *Falls over to the ground, laughing.*
It's I WOULDN'T leave you hanging, Sen! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME YUUMMEI!!!
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Exactly my reaction
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What i do? his is the maximum width in many Blogger templates. Many thanks … and thanks for initiating this.
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Well, thank Ye kindly Sir roler123! Never ever have even dared to dream, that anyone truly read what I happens to write me blog here. Well, I try, even not allways sure WHAT to write here anyways. - do apology my current un-active/ not been here. ( a guy need rest, from time to time ) 
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Annnnnd now fangirls have decided hes either cute or a playboy.
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oh pore sen thats so cute though
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I literally laughed out loud and confused my family oh gosh
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Brandon This is hilarious!
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Every boy will succeed with that line.. somehow :D
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I'm laughing too hard right now. I feel like I would actually say something like this at one point in my life.
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*Dies from laughter*
The word baby really doesn't suit him XDDD But nice pickup line

(But in all seriousness MAJORITY girls like guys who are cute that are not huge ... Perverts or jocks and showoffs... And I said majority for a reason... not everyone I am meaning...)
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along with 9 others XD
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Damn... that something that I would say... I feel like a bad person... xD
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