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Knite Reboot Gif Promo

By yuumei

A gif preview of the new Knite reboot :D

Special thanks to my amazing team who has been helping me through out the past 2 years, making the various assets that will be used in the upcoming chapters :)

And rest assured that Fisheye Placebo is being worked on as well, it's just taking longer because it's a more complicated story. 

Knite: New Begining by yuumei Knite Reboot Promo 1 by yuumei
Replacement for the Stars by yuumei
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© 2017 - 2021 yuumei
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AJInu-Okami's avatar
Oh man I cannot wait to see the whole version soon. Been years since I read Knite, so I wonder how it will look now.
Farooq-fox's avatar
You are my top 5 favourite deviant !
zacyart's avatar
Wooooooooooooooooooooow I love this
UsagiYogurt's avatar
WOw! I love the new designs and art.
shiyiyu's avatar
motherfucking love ur use of color, this one is truly truly amazing and i am an honest person mark my fucking word... KEEP UP THE MOTHERFUCKING GOOD WORK
starhi's avatar
it's amazing to see how much you've improved over the years!
as always, utterly smitten with your art and themes within it.
keep arting! Heart Heart Heart 
pocketbeetle's avatar
gaaaaah this is unreal, the camera angles and the strong sense of light and motion, i swear i can even feel the weather. well done! :love:
Sugoi! it's interesting how you did it frame by frame and chose interesting angles. You should make a feature film, I'd pay to watch that!
Jhoselingomez's avatar
yaaay i really love this... im in love with your art sempai <3
MediumCrazy's avatar
very cool. Almost looks like it could be an anime.
Can't wait!Every single scenc is so perfect!!
MrPhysisThePen's avatar
is that a little L dancing as your profile pic? I am definatly watching your stuff especially after seeing this piece 
artimiss1238's avatar
this pretty awsome :D
KestrellAlice's avatar
Amazing drawings **
Starlit-Pawprints's avatar
Ohmygosh I can't wait <3333
lindachan5's avatar
It's really beautiful artwork <3
crappybaseart's avatar
I loved you so much as a kid!! I looked up to you and read Knite and looked at every single on of your drawings!

Once I visited your dA page after years, I saw that you're gonna reboot Knite! I started crying because your drawings gave me inspiration to draw as a kid, and now that you're redoing Knite, the comic I loved so, so much, I couldn't help but be sentimental.

I can't wait!
Lemon-Aide123's avatar
T_T so much emotions right now...
Wanomura's avatar
Amazing! I love this
LaraKDeviant's avatar
where can I read your story?
Nova-the-Super's avatar
hey what do we read this on my dudes
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