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Knite: Chapter 5


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If you're not familiar with Knite, you can read chapter 1 here Knite: Chapter 1 by yuumei and see the entire Knite gallery here…

Special thanks to aozorize for creating Zhen!


Sorry for the long wait but the complete version of ch5 is finally out! :D

For those who have been following the beta pages, there are new pages in the chapter that won't be posted in the beta strips so be sure to still read ch5. And thank you all beta readers for giving me critiques and advice while I was posting the beta pages! :hug:

I will be working on the next part of Fisheye Placebo after this, then followed by Knite ch5 Bonus, and ch6, which will take place after a time skip!

And thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. I can't believe I'm so old now and have been on deviantART for over a decade! It's been great growing up with the community and learning from each other! :hug: Thank you so much for all the support over the years! :hug:

Knite: We Dream by yuumeiKnite: Two Worlds, One Dream by yuumeiKnite: Bringer of Stars by yuumeiBetween Today and Tomorrow by yuumeiKnite: Sliver of Blue by yuumei
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Been reading since it first came out in...2010? Still hoping to see the sixth chapter. And the story still makes me shiver

LilacNguyen's avatar

Same here I'm hoping for the same thing

Your article is very helpful for me. I will follow your instruction. Thank you.…

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Will you start updating on tapas again because the button isn’t working for me... love your comic!
iamiracanlas's avatar
Up to this day, I'm still hoping for an update to this... :( (Sad) 
DjShortyWolf's avatar
Sen x Kai...
Anikamichisagi's avatar
there will be a next chapter? :0 i hope so. btw love your work
cremareo's avatar
rip this story
Tracle's avatar
(Actually, it's being rebooted! The original story itself is being redone, so it won't be the exact same, but the characters and the basic gist of it are coming soon!)
Wow, Sen was right, Fei is TERRIFYING!
Trust-Is-Holy's avatar
Both Kai, Zhen and the two women pressuring him piss me the fuck off. Which, I dont think is what you intended, so sorry about that.
Kai is an asshole, 
Zhen is a prick
and honestly I dont see why Sen is even listening to them in the first place. 
I genuinely hope that both of them get hurt at some point in this comic. They deserve it for not letting Sen be a dreamer and a loner.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and this comic makes it seem like there is.
foxylvisneah's avatar
Hey, I just wanted to react to your comment saying that Kai, Zhen and the "two women" (who have names by the way), are human. They're just trying to make their point of view on the situation understood.

If you followed, you might have noticed that Sen now want to act, not just dream. He want real stars too. The boys just wanna show him that disolving the knites isn't the solution, and both girls didn't understood at first but are then okay with changing their methods because Kai and Zhen are right.

I think Yuumei didn't made about being a dreamer and a loner, but putting words into actions.

Small talks are great. But what she's drawing ? It's the sad reality of a lot of towns around the world, not only in China. So I really really don't think it's about Sen being a dreamer and a loner.

That's just my interpretation of this story, sorry if this comment offended you, I was just trying to give you my view of the situation so you can compare it to yours ♥

Have a nice day~
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its amazing
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this series is AWES-MAZING!
i haven't been able to stop reading.
someone please notify me when ch5 bonus and ch6 have been posted.
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When will you post chapter 6? Will there even be a chapter 6? Sorry about mispells, I am not a native english speaker...
Aogintsu's avatar
as far as i know theres going to be a reboot
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