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Knite: Chapter 4 Extra

By yuumei

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Sorry it took so long to get the Ch4 Extra out, I have been busy editing Knite book 1 for printing.

Some people have if this is the end, and the answer is no, there will be around 6 more chapters to go :)

To clear up any potential confusions, Kai is traveling alone in America. His parents stayed behind to face prosecution and to take care of Min-Min, who is terminally ill, so there no point in sending her off to a new country. There were little clues through out the last chapter and this extra but I wasn't sure if they were obvious enough ^^;


Chapters 1-4

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Wow *-* what program did you use to make these? And did you go to school to learn this stuff? o:
Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese's avatar
So, uh, where is chapter five? 0w0
Wylfen's avatar…
If you haven't found it by now anyway ^^
AnonamusChicken's avatar
Love how Sen's name means "birth" and Kai's name means "open"
Masked-Rain's avatar
medjai73's avatar
it's beautiful- the story, the art, everything...
rockmatryoshka's avatar
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Ali29tmnt's avatar
I don't know what to say...I've just read all the chapters twice...and the more I read them, the more I fall in love with <3 <3 Ths story is simply beautiful, and your art doesn't fall behind. I'm really looking forward for the next chapter. From now on, you're my favourite DA-Artist <3 <3
41Frostbite's avatar
Is chapter 5 out? I really love this story!
41Frostbite's avatar
Night-the-PantherCat's avatar
I very much like this little flash comic. In fact, just that you used flash to make it pleases me. I can't wait to see the rest! ^^
Omega753's avatar
I just re-discovered this in my bookmarks. I can't explain how touching it is. This is professional work, but I (just some highschool kid in America) can relate to it, and 'feel' it very personally. Thank you so much for this.
mess-sonic-creator's avatar
When are you gonna continue this? It's been 4 years, bruh. Please update. Please update the Fisheye Placebo too
AnimeArtistMiki's avatar
Yuumei has confirmed that she is rewriting the story and starting over to create something darker and more mature(Which I don't know if I'm happy or sad, because I've stuck around from when chapter 3 was just released), however, she will continue on with Fisheye Placebo.
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How is he going to clear the sky?
Dapplesnow's avatar
This is awesome, please write more!
Ludicaris's avatar
This is such a lovely story, sad but lovely. You have a great visual style which builds up the scenery perfectly and the idea about bringing the stars back is a refreshing one.

Please keep up the great work~
ZE-CB's avatar
Who's taking care of Min-Min? Poor child left alone...
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